Guitar Picks | 4 Pack of Standard Woods

Being a sustainable company, we search for unique ways to reduce our waste and be good stewards of planet earth.  Therefore we take the cut-offs from cases and give them a second life making music.

Our standard 4-pack includes Flamed Maple, African Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry.

The subtle differences of each wood type in this 4-pack are noticeable to the trained ear, while the feel is perhaps the more noticeable difference.  Flamed Maple is stiff and bright sounding, while African Mahogany has a medium stiffness and accentuates the mid ranges nicely.  Cherry and Walnut have a bit more flex and tend to bring out more low end response from your guitar.

Some features of the wooden guitar picks:

  • Tapered from the top of the pick to the bottom, leaving adequate thickness to grab onto without have too much thickness at the tip
  • Laser engraved with the Acoustic Remedy logo on each side of the pick to provide some grip
  • Available as singles or combo packs.  

There are many configurations and wood types.  It grows with each new wood type we try out for customers on case builds.  We will be releasing limited edition and new wood types frequently, so please check back often!

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