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Guitar Rack


A recent addition to the Acoustic Remedy lineup of innovative products is the Guitar Rack. After several design tweaks and incorporating a multitude of features that are unique to Acoustic Remedy, we landed on our design which will revolutionize this tool for musicians worldwide.


  • Three Standard Sizes
    • Petite:  30" L x 18" W x 32" H:  stores 2-4 guitars*
    • Traditional:  48" L x 18" W x 32" H:  stores 4-8 guitars*
    • Grand:  64" L x 18" W x 32" H:  stores 8-10 guitars*
    • Custom sizes available upon request
    • * Depends on configuration (i.e. utilizing front facing option) and mix of acoustics and electrics
  • 100% Hardwood
    • 3/4" thick hardwood provides a durable, strong foundation
  • Amish Made in Small Batches
    • All stands are handmade in a small shop in western Wisconsin
    • Hand sanded, assembled, and finished with a silky smooth, catalyzed lacquer finish
  • Finish Safe, Natural Cork Padding
    • Neck holders and all rails are covered with cork to protect the finish
  • Moveable Neck Holders
    • Extremely strong neodymium magnets are embedded on the back of the neck holder attract to a powder coated meal strip that is secured in the routed out section of the top rail
  • Durable Bottom Rails
    • 1 1/2" solid hardwood with decorative and functional routed out section which allows for end pin of guitars to safely drop into opening
    • All bottom rails have coated metal bar under the cork liner to allow the cross pieces to magnetically "lock" into place while using the Front Facing Storage option
  • Front Facing Storage Option
    • Cross pieces attach perpendicular to the bottom rails with embedded neodymium magnets
  • Integrated Pick Holder Option +$25
    • Small routed section on the top of one neck holder will store 10-20 picks each
  • Guitar Strap Hook Option +$25
    • We can include a small wood dowel on the left and/or right uprights can store a couple guitar straps