Hardwood Pedal Boards



Handmade wood pedal boards made in the USA by Amish craftsmen.  This noticeably unique pedal board is ideal for a compact rig and will stand out on any stage or add a nice touch to your home studio.  There is ample room underneath to mount a power supply and extra cable slack.

At this point hard wired input/output jacks are not available on these boards.  There are several companies who produce extremely expensive (i.e. - $300 - $575) pedal boards with these configurations.  We have kept it simple and sleek at this point since this is a side project at Acoustic Remedy.  Other features such as a carrying case, hard wired components, and an array of new sizes may be rolling out in the near future depending on demand.  All the lumber used in these boards is high-grade hardwood and the exact same stuff we use in the ClimaStands we sell.  

We offer a 10% discount on any pedal board that's added onto a ClimaStand order.  Contact us for billing details prior to processing your transaction and we can walk through the process.



  • Measurements: 12" wide × 22" long deck, 1 5/8" height in front, 2 3/4" height in back
  • Top deck fits in grooves on the sides, back, and front.  Each groove has small rubber spacers which allows for the normal expansion and contraction that all wood experiences due to changes in temperatures and humidity levels.  Without this feature, wood can crack or warp since it can’t “breathe”
  • Available in several wood types including Cherry, Walnut, Flame Maple, and Northern White Ash.  Coming soon will be Ribboned African Mahogany

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