Jumbo Sized ClimaStand

If you have a guitar with a lower bout larger than 17 inches, chances are you will probably need a "Jumbo" sized case to comfortably fit your guitar.  This really only counts for our trapezoid shaped guitars because they get more narrow from bottom to top.  Our rectangle wall cases will accommodate all guitars 

We don't keep jumbo cases in stock so all of them will be built to order.  You will notice 2 choices in the drop down menu:

With Next Batch: Order your jumbo to be built during the next batch, we typically build 5 batches per year based on demand.  Your case will be added to the next batch and the total uncharge will be $125 for the jumbo case.

Out of Cycle: If you select "Out of cycle Jumbo" we will build your case immediately and it will take 2-4 weeks to get it to you.  In addition to the $125 fee to build the larger case you will be charged $150 to build the case out of cycle.  The total charge for this option will be $275 extra.


  1. First shop for the case or cases that you want and ad it to your cart.
  2. Shop for any add ons (glass upgrades, keyed lock, etc) by clicking here.
  3. Navigate to the "Jumbo Sized ClimaStand" product and add it to your cart.  Make note of the quantity..if you want more than one jumbo case you can indicate that by selecting quantity.
  4. Check out as normal.
  5. We will email you confirming the details


  • Why does a jumbo ClimaStand cost more?

    • Our builder usually builds our "normal" cases in batches of 25-50 cases.  I'm sure you can imagine there is a lot of efficiency when all of the cases are the same.  He just simply doesn't build very many jumbo cases so they take longer to build..and he passes those charges on to us.

  • Why does it cost more to build out of cycle?

    • It really comes back to efficiency.  When we build a batch of cases, the builder gets all of his equipment tooled up and ready to go..normally all of that set up time is spread across an entire batch.  If we build one single case, the set up time all gets put on one case.  Plus it costs money to transport cases to the finisher..with a batch it gets spread out across the batch, but with an out of cycle case he needs to hire a driver for a special trip to the finisher.

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