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LED Light Strip

Powered LED lighting brings your case to life.  This upgrade is available for any case type and includes the light strip, power adapter, and remote (with dimmer).  This LED light strip is one of the best on the market.  This is not a knock off version similar to many sold at large online retailers and therefore our opinion is you pay for quality and our cases certainly deserve the best.

We offer a ultra warm white spectrum (2500k), warm white spectrum (3000k), natural white spectrum (4500k), or cool white spectrum (9000k).  Choose option from drop down list below and reference photo for general idea of how particular color spectrums will appear once installed.

All lights 12V, 268 Lumens/ft LED light strip with an estimated lifetime of 30,000 hrs.  The light strip is mounted just behind the wood strip which holds the gasket and therefore makes it a perfect spot to illuminate your guitar while still remaining partially hidden.  Unlike other LED light strips, which have trim sections on the strip every 2-3", this version is able to be cut every inch meaning there won't be any extra strip hanging in the case or it won't cut short leaving a portion of the case not illuminated.

Add professional installation (search LED Light Strip Installation in product search) to have Acoustic Remedy install the strip and take the hassle out of the process.  Your case will arrive ready to plug in and shine!