Flamed Maple/Cocobolo Guitar Pick


A combination of the two of our most beautiful options.  Our combination picks include a contrasting stripe down the middle of the pick.

Flamed Maple (Curly Maple, Ripple Maple, Fiddleback, Tiger Stripe Maple), Acer Saccharum

Flamed maple is a variety of sugar maple in which the growth of the wood fibers is distorted in an undulating chatoyant pattern producing wavy lines known as "flames."  This effect is often mistakenly said to be part of the grain of the wood but is more accurately called "figure," as the distortion is perpendicular to the grain direction.

Cocobolo, Dalbergia retusa

Cocobolo is a stunning Central/South American hardwood. It is a member of the much reveered Rosewood family.  This wood shows incredible colors ranging from vibrant oranges, reds, and purples which oxidize with time to rich dark colors.  Extremely interesting grain patterns present themselves in in a variety of swirls, straight lines, and traces weaving through the wood.  Cocobolo is often used in high end guitars and is prized for it durability, density, and strength.

Sound and Feel:

Direct, transparent, bright and warm sound.  Provides a faster, more precise attack than regular picks. Finished with Danish Oil, which dampens usually more present highs from the woods slightly, so the sound is slightly closer to usual picks than totally untreated wood or the open-pore finished picks. 

Stiffness Profile:

Similar to a 1.00mm pick, which is considered a heavy gauge pick.  At this thickness it's ideal for flatpicking, soloing, and strumming.

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