Novus Acrylic Cleaner

Type: Accessories


Novus is As Easy as 1, 2 & 3. Try our three step approach to polishing your non-UV or UV acrylic to keep it in perfect condition year round.  You'll see why Acoustic Remedy recommends NOVUS Polish.

NOVUS Plastic Polish is your one stop solution for restoring and revitalizing all acrylic products from Acoustic Remedy.  NOVUS Plastic Polish has formulated a complete system to restore scratched, faded or discolored plastic materials.

For over 40 years, NOVUS Plastic Polish has been the recognized industry leader. Since 1972, NOVUS Plastic Polish has added new life to plastics, acrylics and fiberglass with easy to achieve professional results. NOVUS Plastic Polish is helping millions win the war against fading, scratching and dulling of plastics that all too often cause the best products to grow old before their time.

Products Available

We offer the 1 - Clean and Shine, 2 - Fine Scratch Remover, and 3 - Deep Scratch Remover as individual 8 oz. bottles.  In addition, you can purchase a set of all three for a slight discount.  


We will stock limited quantities of each type and may have them shipped directly to you from a 3rd party retailer depending on current inventory.  Shipment from time of order placement should be approximately 3-5 business days.

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