Powered LED Retrofit Kit


Acoustic Remedy is excited to offer the Powered Light Retrofit Kit to allow you modify the lighting inside your ClimaStand/ClimaCase.  Going from the standard LED tap light to an elegant, eye catching lighting option is a matter of a 20 minute installation.

Our exceptional powered LED light strip was discovered after extensive research and development.  We realized early on that cheaper versions, commonly available online, was not the answer.  After many trials and validations, we are confident that our powered LED light strip is one of the best on the market.  

NOTE:  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT EITHER TRIANGLE OR RECTANGLE FROM DROP DOWN AT THE BOTTOM.  The price does not change, but the length of strip required does, so it's important information that we cannot process your order accurately without.

Contents of the Powered LED Retrofit Kit:

  • (1) EcoSeries, pre-cut dimmable LED light strip with all connecting pieces (pigtails, snap connectors, etc) already installed and 

    • Warm White 3000K spectrum 

    • Dependable, industry-standard 3528 SMD LEDs

    • 80+ CRI rating ensures vibrant, natural-looking color tones

    • Strip width measures 8mm

    • Lifetime exceeds 50000 hours

    • CE certified and UL listed

    • 3M™ adhesive backing for surface mounting

  • (1) mini LED dimmer radio frequency remote

    • Buttons to auto set at 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%

    • Additional "+" and "-" button to dim incrementally between preset percentages

  • (1) 18 watt, wall mounted power supply 

    • 47in Wire Length

    • 5.5mm Barrel Connector DC Jack

    • UL Listed, CE, RoHS Compliant

  • (1) 1/2" Forstner drill bit

  • (1) matching wood plug with U-shaped cut out for wire to exit ClimaStand/ClimaCase

  • (1) paper pattern for marking drill location

  • (1) wood block to aid in preventing "blow out" of wood as drill bit penetrates bottom of ClimaStand/ClimaCase

  • (1) wire concealing plastic channel 

  • (1) instruction sheet

  • Link to YouTube video

Required Tools to Complete Installation:

  • Powered drill with minimum 3/8" chuck 

  • Pencil 

  • Bright flashlight or headlamp

  • Painter's tape

Important Disclaimer:

  • Even with the required tools and some basic skills, it's important to take your time and ensure you are fully comfortable with accomplishing the installation.  If necessary, consider hiring a handyman or carpenter who should be able to assist easily.

  • Retrofitting your ClimaStand/ClimaCase should take approximately 20-25 minutes.  In addition to the included instruction sheet, a YouTube instructional video has been posted to our page to assist you with visual step by step instructions.

  • Acoustic Remedy is not liable for any damages incurred to your personal belongings (ClimaStand/ClimaCase, tools, interior of your home, etc.) during the retrofitting of your ClimaStand/ClimaCase.  In addition, the certifications of the individual components provided by the manufacturer are not backed or endorsed by Acoustic Remedy and any defects must be addressed with those manufacturers (we can assist however.)

  • Because it's so important, we will mention it once more.  Please make certain to select either triangle or rectangle from the drop down below so the strip can be cut to the correct length.

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