Slat Wall Option - Flamed Maple | ClimaCab Traditional

This option includes installation of Flamed Maple slat wall along back of a ClimaCab Traditional

  • The cost to install is $30/square foot plus the cost of wood
  • There is approximately 20 square feet in the back of a ClimaCab - Traditional
  • Each Slat Wall Option ships with either your choice of four String Swing or two Hercules hangers
  • Additional hangers are available for purchase.  See below for options

Some customers request slat wall across the entire back and others require only a few strips of slat wall at desired location in the ClimaCab.  If you want the slat wall at only specific locations you can contact us and we will add to your order.  The cost will depend on total square footage of slat wall you choose to have installed.

Options for slat wall hangers include either String Swing or Hercules.  Links to popular products are shown below.

String Swing collection


Slat Wall Hangers

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