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Our finisher, a different Amish craftsman than our Amish builder, has the ability to create solid colored cabinets by utilizing pigments mixed in with the catalyzed lacquer or by painting in a more traditional sense.


Piano Black, Albatross White, or virtually any other color from Woodwright's large paint color library. Custom color matches are always available if you need to match an existing interior color. 

How the Wood Effects the Finished Product

Regardless of which topcoat color you choose, the finished results are always beautiful. Solid color topcoats stains are made with only high quality ingredients including automotive-grade pigments and exotic color-fast dyes.  Depending on the base wood chosen, the wood grain will show through the finish with texture, depth, and added beauty to the finished product.  This would be true with woods such as Northern White Ash or Red Oak.  On the contrary, woods such as Maple or Poplar with be completely smooth.


Our entire line of finishing products has been time tested in its durability, high build, beautiful luster, heat and humidity resistance and protection from harmful elements that can mar the appearance of your furniture over time.


Due to certain woods top-coating better than others, we need to test out your preferred color on your preferred wood species before we can determine if it's feasible.  Some wood species have high oil content or don't topcoat well, so they may be unavailable for this option. 


We commonly cut wood samples to provide a glimpse into how the final product will look.  Please click the button below to order samples.

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