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Introducing the ClimaTable from Acoustic Remedy, a humidified, fully functional table that allows you to bring your instrument front and center in your living room, office, studio, or any other space where low tables are often found.

We offer a couple standard designs along with the option to customize your ClimaTable in any way you desire.  All designs include an airtight environment by implementing our patented gasket system and passive humidification using the Boveda's 49%, 49%HA, and 72% humidification or the option to upgrade to active humidification.

The Tabletop ClimaStand is available in all wood types and includes UV filtering glass, which in effect is a form of tempered glass, for safety purposes.  Powered LED lighting, drawers, lift top, casters, and hardware are just a few of the options available.

As the first few units are built, we will get product photography and develop this product further. 

 Please note: 

- pricing shown below is a down payment.  All options, wood type, size, and other factors will dictate the final cost.  Acoustic Remedy will send you final invoice including shipping costs at project completion.