Top Latch Lock


All ClimaCases, ClimaStands, and the ClimaCab Micro/Petite comes standard with a either two or three latches, respectively.  For the single instrument humidors, the pair of latches includes one with a padlock hole and one without.  For the multi-instrument humidors, the latch set includes one with a padlock hole and two without.  

Each latch with the padlock hole accepts a small luggage type padlock and allows for minimal security and to keep unwanted hands off the instrument contained within.  It is not sufficient for theft protection, but is more than capable of providing some deterrence. 

We typically mount the padlock latch at the top and the others below.  This configuration keeps the padlock up higher off the ground or on the wall. 




These padlocks can be sourced almost anywhere; however, we felt it is was our duty to offer a couple of varieties that we've found success with.  If you elect to include one with your purchase, it will be guaranteed to fit through the hole and ready to put to use immediately. 


  • Combination Style - Black

    • 1-3/16" wide lock body; 1/8" diameter shackle with 1-1/2"length, 5/8" width

    • 4-digit locks offer 10,000 combinations

    • Numbers are easy to maneuver, reset and set to your own preferred passcode.

  • Keyed Style - Silver

    • 7/8" wide lock body; 3/32" diameter shackle with 7/16"  length, 9/16"  width

    • Padlock is constructed from a solid metal body for durability and steel shackle for cut resistance

    • Convenient key lock set is ideal for those who don't want to remember combinations

If additional security is desired, we have additional security options for both the ClimaCase/ClimaStand and the ClimaCab.   

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