Ukulele | Floor and Wall Model - Species/Upgrade Options

The base price for the Ukulele ClimaStand is shown on each size (i.e. Concert - Baritone) for the Wall Model and the Floor Model.  To arrive at the final cost, you need to decide on species of wood and upgrade options.  

We price different species and upgrade options for Ukulele ClimaStands in increments of $25 to arrive at the final cost of your custom built Ukulele ClimaStand.

We don't have photos of each species in each size option for the Ukulele ClimaStands....yet!  As we make more for customers, we will photograph and put onto the website.  For the time being, we have pricing on most species with the exception of some of the exotic species which we would need to get quotes for from our lumber suppliers.

In addition, we offer upgrade options on all ClimaStands, such as UV glass or acrylic, a keyed locking system, and LED powered lighting, that can be incorporated into your Ukulele ClimaStand.  These options are the same cost as their guitar counterparts because in most instances the price to obtain these items remains consistent regardless of size of the ClimaStand.

In the very near future, we will upload a pricing chart that will allow you to browse wood types, upgrade options, and pricing.

 Thank you for ordering a Ukulele ClimaStand and we look forward to protecting the world's finest ukuleles just like we've done with guitars.