Ukulele | Floor Model

The ukulele craze began at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915. Thousands of visitors listened to George Awai and the Royal Hawaiian Quartet strum the Hawaiian ukulele and guitar at the Hawaiian exhibit. 

Ever since the ukulele has been an inspiring instrument which many people love.  We've had the honor of protecting some fine ukuleles over the years and finally decided it was time to launch this product as part of our Custom Shop.  This means that we typically do not stock many varieties of the ukulele sized cases and we will have to build it from scratch.  The benefit of this to you is that you can choose any wood you'd like and you get the same handmade, small batch quality hundreds of our customers have come to love.

Literally all components, features, and other aspects of these cases are identical to our guitar sized cases. You get all of the protection aspects along with being able to display your ukulele in one compact ClimaStand.
These cases are available for soprano to baritone sized ukuleles.  Details for each instrument are listed below.

  • Soprano:  The most traditional size of ukuleles are typically around 20 inches long
  • Concert:  The next size up is the concert ukulele at 23 inches long
  • Tenor:  A very popular ukulele is the tenor sized at 26 inches long
  • Baritone:  The baritone is the largest at 30 inches long
      • The ClimaStand is a patented humidity controlled guitar case that provides protection for your instrument, displays it beautifully, and keeps it accessible to play. Each of our handcrafted models maintain a perfect environment for your guitar to ensure a lifetime of tone, vitality, and balanced sound.
      • All ClimaStands come standard with framing grade acrylic glass. Regular glass and UV filtering options are available for additional charge and options can be found on the Customizing Options tab.
      • All Floor Models feature a stable, hardwood base that positions the instrument at a comfortable viewing angle. The horizontal and vertical supports of the base provide a solid platform with a small footprint.
      • Approximate dimensions (including base): 24-34”h x 17”w x 14”d
      • Order Fulfillment

        • Very few if any species are stocked, meaning your Ukulele Floor Model will be built from scratch
        • The process will begin when you contact us to discuss wood options and pay 50% down for the project to begin
        • We will communicate with you throughout the process so you understand expected completion date
        • Typically we can turn around custom orders in about 4-6 weeks
        • Shipping is a flat rate of $90 within the lower 48
        • International shipments incur additional costs and the recipient is responsible for all duties, taxes, and fees upon shipment
        • Unsurpassed Quality
          • Handmade in the USA in small batches, one at a time by Amish craftsmen
          • Satin smooth, catalyzed lacquer finish provides protection for wood surfaces and accentuates the beauty of the wood grain
        • Airtight Environment
          • Spring loaded latches pull the door toward the body of the case and compress a highly durable, automotive grade gasket
          • Latch/gasket tandem system ensures a sealed interior minimizing air exchange to only when the door is open
          • Equilibrium will be achieved to ideal levels within minutes not hours with D'Addario Two-Way Humidification System
        • Starter Kit of D'Addario Two-Way Humidification System
          • Automatically maintains 40-50% relative humidity by absorbing or emitting moisture
          • Eliminates all guess work
          • No water, no drops, no mess
        • String Swing Ukulele Cradle
          • Most trusted brand in the industry
          • Adjustable yoke to accommodate varying headstock widths
          • All materials have been proven safe for all finishes
        • Battery powered LED lighting
          • 6 energy efficient LED's with wide coverage
          • Tap on/tap off
        • Bumper Pad
          • 3" x 1/2" bumper pad creates a cushion between the back of your ukulele and the case
        • Storage Compartment
          • Measures 8"L x 2"W x 3"H
          • Stores extra strings, capos, tuners, small notepads, etc.
        • Security
          • Top latch has the ability to accept small padlock.
          • See "Customizing Options" tab for additional security options
        • Acrylic/Glass Options
          • Our cases come equipped with high quality framing grade acrylic, but several other glass/acrylic options are available. Click here to explore glass/acrylic options.
        • Security
          • Keyed cam lock available
            • More robust protection defers theft
            • $100 additional charge. Click here for more details and to add to your cart
        • Inlay Options
          • We've partnered with Aulson Inlay ( to create exquisite offerings for our customers. Please send us a message via our Contact Us page and we can walk you through the process.
        • Exotic Wood Types
          • We have made cases from woods harvested from all over the globe and source them from sustainable operations. We will never make a case from illegally harvested woods. If you have an exotic wood type in mind, please send us a message via our Contact Us page and we can discuss your options.

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