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UV Glass - ClimaCab Traditional

This option includes installation of 1/8" laminated UV filtering glass that eliminates 99.5% of UV rays from impacting the finish on your instruments.

To understand the options and benefits of UV protection, you must understand the science of sunlight.

Radiation from the sun contains ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light.  These three spectrums get defined by their wavelengths and measured in nanometers. One nano-meter equals one-billionth of a meter.

Visible light runs from 400-to-800 nanometers in wavelength. Any distortion of this spectrum will diminish or alter the appearance of an instrument. Outside of that range, it's necessary to block as much solar radiation as possible to preserve your instruments.

Scientists define ultraviolet radiation as light in wavelengths of 295-to-380 nanometers. Invisible, it can be blocked completely without any detectable difference in lighting.

An advanced UV glass coating that virtually eliminates UV radiation with minimal effect on the visible light spectrum and becomes a most effective weapon against instrument finish damage. The use of UV glass, in combination with humidity and temperature controls, offers powerful protection.