Wenge | Guitar Pick

Wenge, Mellettia Laurentii

Wenge (/ˈwɛŋɡ/ weng-gay) is a tropical timber, very dark in color with a distinctive figure and a strong partridge wood pattern. It is often used for a substitute for ebony.  The wood is heavy and hard, suitable for furniture and often used in fine musical instruments.  It is native to tropical West Africa, including Zaire, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Gabon.

Sound and Feel:

Direct, transparent, bright and warm sound.  Provides a faster, more precise attack than regular picks. Finished with Danish Oil, which dampens usually more present highs from the woods slightly, so the sound is slightly closer to usual picks than totally untreated wood or the open-pore finished picks. 

Stiffness Profile:

Similar to a 1.00mm pick, which is considered a medium gauge pick.  At this thickness it's ideal for flatpicking, soloing, and strumming.

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