ClimaCab | Multi-Instrument Humidor

Welcome to the ClimaCab collection from Acoustic Remedy.  Our multi-instrument humidor is the pinnacle of protection and display, preserving some of the world's best instruments. 

Each ClimaCab is made to order in the USA by in small batches in an Amish workshop nestled in the sandstone bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin.  The handmade quality is found in every component of the ClimaCab and no detail is overlooked.   

At its core, the ClimaCab is a humidor that preserves your instruments while displaying the beautiful aspects in an elegant and safe manner.  Where the ClimaCab rises above the competition is with patented technology, redundant humidity control, some of the finest woodworking found anywhere in the world, flawless staining & finish, and the best 3rd party accessories to make the ClimaCab the most effective and simple to use humidor available.

We offer six core sizes of the ClimaCab as well as our ClimaCab Connect, which is our modular unit, that can link together individual cabinets to appear as one.  In addition, we can fully customize to fit your needs and can create built-in humidors spanning entire walls. 

Often times our clients choose a size based on the number of instruments or the size of the space the ClimaCab will be utilized in.  In order to assist in determining what might work best, we've included the following table which includes the number of instruments and dimensions.   Please keep in mind these are general guidelines and each situation is slightly different.

ClimaCab Type Number of Instruments Dimensions (Exterior)
Petite 3-4 36" W x 72" H x 22" D


4-5 42" W x 72" H x 22" D
Traditional 5-6 48" W x 72" H x 22" D
Traditional+ 6-7 56" W x 72" H x 22" D
Grand 7-8 63" W x 72" H x 22" D
Grand+ 9-11 72" W x 72" H x 22" D
Connect Varies Varies
Custom Varies Varies
Built-In Varies Varies