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All ClimaCabs are built in small, artisan grade batches by a small team of Amish craftsman. Their build techniques have been passed down through generations and are time tested for quality, strength, and attention to detail.

Important Information

We sell build slots for upcoming or current batches, depending on the timing of your order. The build slot is a non-refundable $2,500 deposit, with 1/2 the remaining balance due at approximately the halfway point of construction and the final 1/2 of the remaining balance plus freight/crate charges due at completion.

When purchasing a build slot, the wide array of options are available to fully customize the ClimaCab. We cap batches at approximately 12-15 ClimaCabs at any given time, with approximate lead times of six to eight months for most ClimaCabs and ten to twelve months for Climacabs with more customized aspects. The timelines can be extended due to a variety of factors and we will communicate this information as the build progresses.

In order to identify the features and options of the ClimaCab, we have created a ClimaCab Order Summary Form. Will will send this form to you following the payment for a build slot.