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In order to establish some guidelines and satisfy certain legal requirements recommended by our attorneys at law, Acoustic Remedy has established our Terms & Conditions to govern your use of our website, how we use and protect your personal information, how we communicate with you, provide you with our Privacy Policy, and other general items that fall under our Terms & Conditions.

Acoustic Remedy holds all rights to these Terms & Conditions published on the website and at print at our company's headquarters.  We are making these available to you prior to using our website and/or communicating with us and by doing so, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions contained herein.

Subject to Change

Acoustic Remedy reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time.  Any and all changes will be viewable on this page and may or may not be made public immediately when they occur to allow for proper approval from company representatives and/or attorneys at law.  Acoustic Remedy encourages you to check back regularly to understand these Terms & Conditions in their most current state.

General Terms

The following terms are the only terms of our contract. If you want Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC (“us” or “we”) to change these or agree to other terms, you must obtain Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC’s written agreement.

By placing an order with us, accepting goods from us, or placing future orders with us, you (on behalf of yourself and the business you represent) (“you”) accept these terms. Any provision that conflicts with these terms contained in any prior or subsequent communication from you is considered material by us and we object and reject it.

Final sales of these goods to the end user are not allowed on or through third-party websites unless authorized by Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC. If the end-user sale does not take place at a physical building you operate as a retail store, a temporary venue you are licensed to operate from, or through a website for which you own the domain, then it is unauthorized resale.

Each order is considered a single transaction.  We reserve the right to limit your order and reject future orders. Nothing contained herein creates or implies any partnership, joint venture, dealership or agency relationship between us and you.

Goods are sold on a firm basis – returns and cancellations after order placement are not allowed unless preauthorized by us, returned undamaged in sellable condition, and are subject to additional charges shown below. Custom items cannot be canceled or returned. Any alteration from our standard offering, including but not limited to minor modifications, wood species, glass type, hardware, and any other alterations at the sole discretion of Acoustic Remedy are considered customized items. Any damages, shortages, over deliveries, and duplicate orders must be reported to us within 14 days of your receipt or they will not be corrected thereafter. Down payments are non-refundable.

Delivery dates, rates of production statements, and shipping weights are good faith estimates only.  Goods are shipped F.O.B. destination.

If applicable, past due invoices will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% per month, and you will pay us all collection costs, including reasonable attorneys fees, we incur in collecting all sums due us under this agreement, whether incurred before or after judgment or during bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.

We warrant that the goods we make are free of manufacturing defects for their normal expected lifetime. If you have a warranty claim, you must notify us of the claim within 30 days after the claim arises and promptly deliver the defective goods to our shop whereupon we will either repair or correct the goods or service or provide a replacement part F.O.B. destination. We cannot reimburse you for any other costs or losses you incurred as a result of the claim.  If the affected good was improperly used, altered, repaired, installed or sold outside the parameters of our terms, then our warranty is void.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy, which is also subject to change when necessary and at our sole discretion, involves many aspects of how we do business with you.  We take our customer's personal privacy very seriously and will never sell, distribute, disclose, or share your personal information to third parties without your prior consent.  

Numerous laws in the U.S. cover Internet, data security, and privacy in the United States, with the 1974 Privacy Act arguably being the foundation for it all. The Privacy Act passed to establish control over the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of personal information by agencies in the executive branch of the U.S. government.  In that regard, if we are ever asked by reputable factions of the government to disclose any personal information you may have provided we must oblige and may not necessarily inform you of this depending on the nature of the investigation.

We collect personal information from you in order to provide exceptional customer service and support, process orders, provide information on our products, send newsletters, provide with exclusive offers, and solicit reviews/testimonials.  

User information and behavior on our website is traceable and visible to account managers at Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC.  This is information contains no personal information but allows us see what visitors are doing to operate, maintain, and improve our website. In addition, this information is valuable to us to develop new products and allow us to provide you with the best user experience possible.

In addition, user information helps us to reach our target audiences through social, digital, and print advertisements where applicable.

Ordering System

Upon order placement, your order is processed by our website's secure e-commerce server and secure server software (SSL). You will be asked to enter your full name, email address, shipping/billing address, and enter credit card information. All credit card information, PayPal and/or Venmo account information, and other financial institution account numbers necessary for wire transfers are encrypted before being sent to us.  Our order processing system does not store this information and we never actually see it other than in a format similar to this XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-0123.  Once submitted, all your sensitive information is protected against unauthorized access. 



If you've communicated with Acoustic Remedy via email we will send communication back in the same manner or by other methods, such as a phone call, if necessary.  Some information is better traded electronically and others during a phone conversation.  We will treat our conversations confidential within Acoustic Remedy and will not release any details discussed without consent from those communicating with us.

Phone Calls

We often times reach out to current/potential customers via phone to discuss certain details necessary to complete orders, inform you of options, or to answer general questions.  We will attempt to complete these phone calls during normal business hours of 7 am - 5 pm Central Standard Time (CST) but understand most people may be unavailable at that time.  We will leave a message and will follow up as appropriate via phone, email, or text.

Text Messages

We may send you text messages as a follow-up to a conversation, voice message, or email.  These messages may contain images, basic text, or a combination of the two.  If you prefer to not be texted, please simply reply and we will honor your wishes and communicate in a different method.

Patents, Trademarks, & Licenses

All proprietary and intellectual information on our website is the property of Acoustic Remedy.  Patents and trademarks are protected by the USPTO and subject to all laws, regulations, statutes, and penalties for violating said legal requirements contained therein.

We own all patents, designs, copyrights, trademarks, know-how, and all other forms of intellectual property, wherever in the world enforceable, that are made, conceived, or developed by us alone, with you, or with others, in the course of making the goods or performing the services on behalf of our customers.

We encourage you to share the content on various social media platforms; however, modifications to information on our website are not allowed.  In addition, you may print or download items from our website for your own personal use given that you agree not to change, delete, or modify in any way the original material.

License and Website Access

Acoustic Remedy, by publishing pages, products, links, and other information on our website, grants the end user a non-exclusive, limited, and revocable right to access this information for personal use.

We allow you to create a hyperlink to any other page on the website, given that the link is not accompanied by offensive, hateful, false, misleading, derogatory, or distasteful information.  We are not responsible for the ideology of those linking to our website or posting on social media platforms nor do we endorse activities that portray hate towards any person or group of people because of race, religion, sexual preference, etc.

Acoustic Remedy publishes information available worldwide and all applicable laws in the United States of America and abroad regarding internet usage are the sole responsibility of the end user to follow.  Acoustic Remedy grants you a limited license to access our website, products, and other information contained therein.

By accessing our website, you agree to not duplicate, copy, transmit, adapt, sell, reproduce, or otherwise use for any commercial purpose without the express written consent of Acoustic Remedy.  All trademarks, logos, or other proprietary information of Acoustic Remedy may not be used without Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC's express written consent.

You may not use metadata, meta tags, hidden text, or other methods which utilize Acoustic Remedy, ClimaStand, ClimaCase, ClimaCab, Guaranteed Seal System, ProHang or other product names or logos on alternate websites, publications, or other public transmissions that attempt to utilize information subject to these terms and conditions which influence search engine optimization (SEO) without the express written consent of Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC.

Our website uses "cookies" to track, aka browser cookies or tracking cookies, which are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. They are used by web developers to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions.  This information is built into your web browser and created when you visit a website.

Warranties and Liability

Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC is a limited liability company registered in the State of Wisconsin.  We carry applicable business insurance and warrant all products from the manufacturer and shipping damages incurred from the shop to the end user.  All damages must be reported immediately and we will work with the shipping company as well as the end user to remedy the situation efficiently and communicate effectively.

Our goal is to have happy customers, so if something is not correct we will work with you to provide solutions within the Terms & Conditions of Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC.  We do often file claims when shipping damages occur and that information is contained in more detail in the Shipping portion of these Terms & Conditions.

Applicable Laws

The laws of the State of Wisconsin and United States of America are applicable should any litigation or disputes arise between the customer and Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC.  In addition, all laws regarding international internet usage must be followed by the end user.

Our contracts are governed and construed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin, U.S.A. without regard to its conflict of laws rules. It binds us and you and our respective successors and assigns. Any dispute between us concerning this transaction will be decided by the state and federal courts serving La Crosse County, Wisconsin. You waive any right to trial by jury. If you have a claim against us, you must bring it within one year from the date your claim arises, or two years from the date of sale, whichever is shorter. If any provision of this agreement is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision is severed and the remainder shall continue in full force and effect.

Payment Terms

A 50% deposit, or an applicable deposit of Acoustic Remedy's choosing, is required on all ClimaCab and custom orders for other products at the time the order is placed.  DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Other products include but are not limited to products such as the ClimaStand, the ClimaCase, the Pedal Board, the Dual Stand, the Dual Stand Deluxe, the String Rack.  Customization includes exotic or domestic woods we typically do not have an inventory of, custom dimensions to fit a specific instrument, inlays, finishes other than our standard matte finish, or any other feature that makes it different from our core product line in any way.  In good faith, Acoustic Remedy will provide an accurate quote and define an estimated total amount for the order. Following this initial communication, we will issue a 50% deposit (or other amount deemed necessary at Acoustic Remedy's discretion) from our order system.  Payment of this deposit indicates acceptance of the terms defined herein.  On occasion, the total amount is paid at the onset of the custom order and during such instances, the 50% deposit is already included in that payment and will be retained by Acoustic Remedy should the order be canceled for any reason. 

Should you choose to cancel a ClimaCab or customized product from Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC, the deposit is retained by Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC. The custom product and/or ClimaCab is retained by Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC for future sale.  Should you choose to want to continue with the purchase, there are no guarantees the original item(s) remain(s) in stock and is/are available.  Therefore, each situation is treated on a case-by-case basis and we will communicate as needed on all necessary items concerning the canceled order. 

Any remaining due, including shipping and handling charges, at the time of completion, must be paid in full prior to scheduling the shipment. We accept checks, all major credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, and Venmo.

If for any reason during the delivery process, including extensive delays due to reasons beyond Acoustic Remedy's control, we do not offer refunds and the shipment cannot be rejected.  We understand this can be very frustrating and we will do everything in our power to assist by calling the freight companies and 3rd party partner carriers.  If a ClimaCab is rejected for any reason other than evidence of damages and following a phone call with Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC for direction on how to proceed, discussed in a separate document, refunds will not be given.


ClimaStands & ClimaCases are shipped in either one or two boxes depending on the product and cushioned with custom-built foam end caps and other packaging material to minimize damage during shipment.

ClimaCabs are shipped in custom-built, foam-lined crates.  All ClimaCabs are fully paid and insured prior to leaving the shop.

If any products are received with damage, it's the customer’s responsibility to identify the damage immediately and follow instructions from Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC.  We request that you email and call immediately following receipt of a damaged item.

All products, whether delivered via FedEx, UPS, USPS, or commercial freight, will have a tracking number or PRO number associated with it.  We will send you this information either automatically from our shipping software program or from our shipping broker for the freight shipments. 

All ClimaCab deliveries will either require standard freight shipping or deluxe shipping.  All deliveries will be scheduled by the carrier by calling you at the phone number we provide them.


Please refer to specific product types when inquiring about refunds.  Some products can have a full refund and others cannot depending on that particular product.  Our standard-size ClimaStands and ClimaCases for acoustic and electric guitars are typically stocked in varying quantities.  ClimaCabs and custom products require a 50% deposit (or other deposit deemed necessary by Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC).

For redundancy and convenience, we also publish our refund policy under Support on the main menu.  There are several factors to consider if you want to cancel your order after payment, please refer below to understand our refund policy.

ClimaCases and ClimaStands:
Custom Orders:
Other Products:
Important Notice:
Color or Wood Species Discrepancy:

Hold Harmless Agreement

You agree to hold harmless Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC and its partners, owners, employees, distributors, licensees, and suppliers against all damages, losses, and expenses due to a violation of these Terms and Conditions.