Old Globe Wood Company Projects

March 22, 2020 1 Comment

Old Globe Wood Company Projects


We were contacted by a customer who wanted something rustic, industrial, and to fit into a loft in a reconditioned building in Brooklyn, NY. After searching for unique reclaimed lumber, we came across Old Globe Wood Co. in Superior, WI. We visited the site recently, which sits on a strip of land jutting out into Lake Superior, and got some photos, video, and picked up some other items such as large wedge shaped pieces which could be used as matching shelves, some bolts, nuts, washers, and nails from the original construction, and approximately 1,000 board feet meaning we will have plenty sitting around to use after we build the ClimaCab Grand for our customer. We anticipate building a limited run of ClimaStands and ClimaCases from this wood as well.

The Story of the Wood

Starting in 1885, the Globe Elevator began construction using wood from the Old Growth forests. Nearly 2500 men worked for 2 years until it was erected in 1887 and earned the title of world’s largest terminal elevator. Within the same decade, other architectural feats such as the Washington Monument, the Eiffel Tower, and the Chicago World Fair took place. The Globe Elevators contain one of the greatest supply of old growth virgin pine in the world and Old Globe's mission is to reclaim this resource for generations to come.

When they were first harvested in the 1830’s, the Old Growth forests of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin were home to 125-250 year old trees, such as this white pine. With the promising future of the grain industry, grain elevators quickly began popping up in the Twin Ports. By the 1880’s, Duluth and Superior were known nationally as “Elevator Row”.  The wood was able to grow to full maturity without disturbance and exhibits tighter grain patterns, more beautiful natural knots, and long lengths of perfectly milled boards that are ideal to reuse for furniture, flooring, and other similar projects. We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful stash of reclaimed wood right in our home state!

Check out some photos and a couple videos below.  Included are a few guitars from a limited run by Fender, which we are currently trying to find a used one to purchase.  If you know of anyone who is looking to sell, please leave a comment below or contact us at

How to Secure a Piece of History

If you're interested in owning a case, stand, or cabinet from this wood, we require a half down payment to get onto the build list.

We will contact you and communicate pricing, timelines, and other details.


Here's a link to a video that PBS did:

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Rick T

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Looks like some sweet wood!

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