Sentry 10 | ClimaCab Humidifier Wick | Petite - Traditional+ | Pre-2021 ClimaCabs | Pack of 3


Wicks used in Acoustic Remedy's active humidification systems require replacement every one to two years to keep the systems wicking moisture from the reservoir to the air properly.

Acoustic Remedy Product Types

Please note this wick is for ClimaCabs shipped prior to January 2021.  Prior to 2021, the Sentry systems were utilized exclusively.  If you have a Guardian 10, for all ClimaCabs shipped after 2021, please click here to access those wicks.

This wick is suitable for the active system used in the following Acoustic Remedy products:

  • Petite ClimaCab
  • Petite+ ClimaCab
  • Traditional ClimaCab
  • Traditional+ ClimaCab

Product Details

A package of 3 paper based filters that are used for wicking moisture from a water reservoir into the air. 


2″w x 4.25″h x 4.5″l

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