Boveda 72% Seasoning Packet


The Boveda 72% seasoning packets are the ideal solution for SIMPLE humidity control.  Acoustic Remedy Cases and Boveda (formerly Humidipak) have a long relationship dating back nearly 10 years when we sold them six ClimaStands for their corporate headquarters outside Minneapolis, MN. They are an amazing small business offering creative solutions to the world and musicians should feel lucky their technology works so flawlessly to protect their instruments.

Why do we love these packets so much? 

Because when combined with the airtight environment achieved with our patented gasket and latch system, the packets are the simplest and most reliable humidity control system on the market. 

History of Boveda vs. D'Addario vs. Humidipak

Boveda has always been the manufacturer of all humidity control packets on the market regardless of what name they were sold under or who was the primary distributer of the packets.  Boveda was previously called Humidipak, which was marketed and sold by D'Addario under their Planet Waves product line.  After some time, Humidipak changed to D'Addario's 2-Way Humidification System.  Boveda has recently began to offer their product direct to the consumer to compliment their full line of cigar and herbal medicine packets.

Recently we decided to start using the Boveda packets after many years of using the D'Addario 2-Way Humidification System.  Again - the packets are identical - so the decision was simple especially considering some clear advantages to Boveda over D'Addario described below.

Types of Boveda Packets

The benefit of Boveda is that they not only offer the 49% packets, which are the ideal humidity level for stringed instruments, but they also offer a 49%HA for really humid climates and also 72% packets for really dry regions and to "season" your ClimaStand and/or guitar.  We offer the full range of packets at Acoustic Remedy Cases and also include a starter kit with each purchase of a ClimaStand.  More information on the 49% and 49%HA packets can be found on those product pages.


  • Boveda 60 gram 72% for wood instruments
  • Packaged in a non-reusable plastic bag; however, keeping them in this bag until use will extend the shelf life to 2+ years
  • Available in single, 5, 10, or 20 pack quantities.  If different quantities are desired, add the single packs to your cart get to correct quantity
  • Adds moisture on its own (eliminates messy sponges, hoses, discs, etc.) and automatically maintains a constant relative humidity (RH) between 40-60%—the ideal climate for wood instruments
  • Typically lasts between 2-6 months in a seasoned Acoustic Remedy ClimaStand, based on time of year and climate
  • Each ClimaStand comes with a starter kit and leak-resistant Boveda pouch holders.  Can also be used with the Boveda 1 Packet | Aluminum  Holder, Boveda 2 Packet | Aluminum Holder, or Boveda 2 Packet | Cedar Holder.
  • Boveda 72% Packet Dimensions: 5.25" x 3.5"
  • Availability: Ships within 2-3 business days


How does case seasoning work?

If you're just getting started using Boveda, you can expect that the first set of packs will not last as long as subsequent packs. The reason is simple, our ClimaStand has twice as much wood as your guitar does. All of that wood needs to be humidified!

It all depends on the starting point of the ClimaStand and the instrument.  All ClimaStands are built in an Amish shop which tends to be drier than most houses.  The guitar starting point is variable as well and impacts the need for seasoning.  For example, to move a typical acoustic guitar case from 35% relative humidity to 50% relative humidity it takes over 100 grams of water. Also, If you place a perfectly humidified guitar into a dry ClimaStand, the ClimaStand will draw moisture out of the guitar and vice versa.

We recommend seasoning your ClimaStand first for best results if you haven't been using humidity control. It's the same idea and process as seasoning any wooden humidor. Simply place 4 Boveda 72% RH packs in your ClimaStand and wait about 2-3 days. The ClimaStand will have a shorter seasoning timeframe because of the sealed environment.  The moisture from the Boveda will absorb into the wood of your case and make your regular 49% RH Boveda packets last longer.

Boveda's 2-way humidity control technology automatically protects your wooden instrument against warping, cracks and other damage caused by lack of humidification or too much humidification. Boveda maintains a constant 40%-55% relative humidity level within your ClimaStand.


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