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Neck & Bout Rest Display Option | Grand+ ClimaCab

The Neck & Bout Rest display option rests the instruments on cork-lined lower Bout Rails and cradles the necks in cork-lined neck wedges. Versatile options allow for storing instruments of varying widths, from jumbo-sized acoustics to narrow-body electrics. You also can add or remove neck wedges as your collection changes.

The innovative features allow for superior safety, endless configurations and options of how instruments can be stored, and a wonderful user experience.


  • 2 1/2" hardwood Bout Rails have a 15-degree angle cut along the face. Cork lining on the surface is safe for all instrument finishes.
  • Bout Rails span the width of ClimaCab and provide adequate height above the floor for clearance of strap pins
  • Bout Rails are moveable in/out of ClimaCab along tracks on the floor of ClimaCab allowing for cradling a variety of lower bout sizes
  • Bout Rails are secured in position with two neodymium magnets on the underside which keeps the rails in place once in the proper location
  • Cross support bars allow for front-facing instruments


The Neck & Bout Rest display option is priced based on the wood type and size of the ClimaCab. 

Two-Tone Appearance

Incorporating more than one wood species into a ClimaCab is a popular option that creates a unique, two-tone appearance. For example, if the ClimaCab is made from Flame Maple and the wood chosen for the

Neck & Bout Rest display option is Wenge,

the appearance will be predominantly the cream color of the Flame Maple with the blacks and browns found in Wenge providing a subtle accent.  This is best illustrated in photos and videos, examples of which can be found in various locations on our website (linked) and the Standard Components section for this product listing. 

ClimaCab Buyer's Guides

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