Humidity Control Products


Humidity control includes both humidification and de-humidification.  The ideal level of 40-50% is critical for instrument preservation.  Acoustic Remedy provides you a multitude of products to accomplish this automatically giving you the world's easiest method to take care of your instruments.

Humidity Control Products Overview

In this collection you will find humidity control products used by Acoustic Remedy Cases in our ClimaStands, ClimaCases, and ClimaCabs. 

The Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packets are used universally across all three product lines.  For the ClimaStands and ClimaCases, it's the only method needed to maintain perfect humidity levels.  The packets work exceptionally well because of our Guaranteed Seal System which creates a hermetically sealed environment.  Once the interior air is isolated, a micro-climate has been created which because of scientific principles wants to come to equilibrium.  The only inputs to the sealed environment are the wood in the instrument, the air exchanged when opening the door to remove or replace the instrument, and the packets which offer two-way humidity control and allow you to monitor the humidity level in your ClimaStand, ClimaCab, or other environment that you utilize humidity control in.

During the beginning stages of Acoustic Remedy we were using a product called the Humidipak.  This was manufactured for D'Addario by Humidipak.  D'Addario marketed this product as a portion of their Planet Waves product line and more recently as the 2-Way Humidification System.  We've been enjoying including a starter set with each ClimaStand. 

Not too long ago, Humidipak rebranded as Boveda and continued to manufacturer the packets solely for D'Addario.  As their agreement period to have D'Addario be the sole supplier of the humidification packets came to an end, Boveda decided they were going to begin selling direct to consumers.  Therefore, we began sourcing direct from Boveda for our entire product line of humidity control products.  There are some definite advantages that Boveda brought to the market that gives them an edge.  For starters, the patented technology, manufacturing process, and science behind it is identical; however, there are some differences described below.

The main difference between Boveda packets and D'Addario packets is that Boveda is offering multiple relative humidity percentages in the same familiar design.

The other nice thing about Boveda packets is they are overwrapped with thin plastic wrapping to keep them from going dry while in storage.  It's a nice feature so customers don't have to be so careful sealing storage bags.

Boveda Packets


These are the standard wood instrument recommended packet and what we include in the starter kit with each ClimaStand/ClimaCab.  They are right in the middle of the sweet spot for stringed instruments - 45-55% is recommended by nearly every luthier in the world - and work flawlessly to maintain the 49% mark in a hermetically sealed environment (hint - inside all Acoustic Remedy ClimaStand/ClimaCabs).

49% HA

These packets are targeting the same end relative humidity as the 49% but they are considered high absorption "HA" packets. The difference is the salinity and quantity of water in the packet.  They are considered the preferred packet for climates that experience high humidity a majority of the year.


These packets are considered seasoning packets or high humidity packets that are designed drier climates and humidifying already dry guitars or cases.  Click here to learn more about how the 72% packets work.