It's important to note that we titled this section humidity control instead of humidification for one very important reason - some people need de-humidification for their instruments.

In this collection you will find humidity control products used by Acoustic Remedy Cases that offer two-way humidity control.

During the beginning stages of Acoustic Remedy we were using a Boveda productmcalled the Humidipak that was manufactured for D'Addario.  D'Addario also marketed this product as a portion of their Planet Waves line and more recently as the 2-Way Humidifcation System.  We've been enjoying including a starter set with each ClimaStand.  Recently, we became interested in an identical packet, with some minor differences described below, that we could source direct from Boveda.  In early 2019, we made the switch to Boveda packets for our entire product line of humidity control products.

The main difference between Boveda packets and D'Addario packets (keep in mind they are both manufactured by Boveda) is that Boveda is offering multiple relative humidity percentages in the same familiar design.

The other nice thing about Boveda packets is they are overwrapped with thin plastic wrapping to keep them from going dry while in storage.  It's a nice feature so customers don't have to be so careful sealing storage bags.


Boveda Packets

49%:  These are the standard wood instrument recommended packet and what we include in the starter kit with each ClimaStand.

49% HA:  These packets are targeting the same end relative humidity as the 49% but they are considered high absorption "HA" packets. The difference is the salinity and quantity of water in the packet.  They are considered the preferred packet for climates that experience high humidity a majority of the year.

72%:  These packets are considered seasoning packets or high humidity packets that are designed drier climates and humidifying already dry guitars or cases.  Click here to learn more about how the 72% packets work.