Here at ARC we are always pleased to be featured in some of the best music magazines and publications in the world!  We have had the good fortune of fostering relationships with Vintage Guitar Magazine, Guitar Aficionado, Fretboard Journal, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Guitar World, and others in the industry.  Below is a list of the publications and magazines we have been in to date.  We are always looking for more opportunities to promote our product, so please feel free to contact those you think would be interested in an article about us and our products.  


In September 2020, Guitar World published an article to their online audience that highlighted how our cases work in their own words.  We filled out a quick questionnaire and the author took it from there.

Access the article by clicking here.


 - Wood & Steel, Spring 2012

A customer of ours wrote a question for the "Ask Bob" section.  Click on the photo below and scroll to page 10 for the "Ask Bob" section.  Our customer's inquiry is on page 11, upper left corner.


 - October 2012, Vol. 26 No. 12

We were featured in the Builder's Profile discussing the development of the product, our Amish builders, and looking towards the future for ARC.  



- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide and an upcoming benefit in New York City in April 2013. 




- 2013 ClimaStand Giveaway w/ D'Addario

In the next couple months, we will be giving away the "cadillac" of our cases - a Floor Model that consists of a combination of African Mahogany and Flamed Maple.  In addition to the case, one lucky winner will also receive $160 in products from D'Addario that further assists them in caring for their guitar.  A sampling of the products from D'Addario include (but not limited to):



We have been in the last two installments of the Holiday Gift Guide and will certainly be in more in the future.