ClimaCab Buyer's Guides Library

Welcome to the ClimaCab Buyer's Guides Library, where we uploaded our popular Buyer's Guides to provide useful information on the many options for your ClimaCab.  Each document listed below shows you in depth what options exist for various portions of the ClimaCab.  We often develop new ideas alongside our customers and enjoy the process thoroughly, so please reach out if there's something you have in mind that's not shown.

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Build Your ClimaCab Step by Step

This document will walk through the 12 steps of building a ClimaCab from scratch.  In addition, there is an order sheet that can be printed or filled out digitally and submitted to Acoustic Remedy for entry as an order.

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - ClimaCab Sizes 

One of the first decisions to make is the width of the ClimaCab.  We have seven different set widths, a Connect system which allows linking several ClimaCabs together, and custom solutions. 

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Upper Display & Storage Options

A second, and no less important decision, is how the instruments will be displayed and stored in the upper section of the ClimaCab.  Acoustic Remedy offers several five core methods and can provide custom solutions as well.

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Upper Section Upgrades

We give you the ability customize the upper section, add some protection and safety, or enhance your overall experience using your ClimaCab by upgrading certain components found in the upper section.  

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Domestic and Exotic Woods

We use a wide variety of woods from all over the world.  Some are traditional woods such as Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut.  Others are some of the finest woods found on earth such as Cocobolo, Koa, Wenge, and African Mahogany.

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Front Facing Instruments

One key feature across every display/storage option is the ability to face instruments in a variety of angles.  One of the most popular is facing the instruments forward - or front facing - which allows for showcasing the beauty of the instrument in its full glory.  This document showcases how this is done regardless of the display/storage option chosen.


ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Lower Section Options 

The lower section of the ClimaCab provides key storage for the humidification components and some open storage compartments.  There are many options to enhance the storage, store amplifiers, effects pedals, and more in the lower section.

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Enhanced Security & Safety

We've created a list of options to keep all instruments safe and sound inside the ClimaCab.  Some options are available across the entirety of the ClimaCab line and others only work with certain sizes.  

Accenting Your ClimaCab with Different Woods/Stains - Top Rail & ProHang Display/Storage Options

Find out ways to bring in different woods or stains into your ClimaCab that uses the Top Rail & ProHang Display/Storage Options.

Accenting Your ClimaCab with Different Woods/Stains - Neck & Bout Rest, Tandem, & Split  Display/Storage Options

Find out ways to bring in different woods or stains into your ClimaCab that uses the Neck & Bout Rest, Tandem, & Split  Display/Storage Options. 

ClimaCab Buyer's Guide - Shipping Options

When it comes shipping time, the process is fairly straight forward and we make it very easy for you.  Simply select the level of service and we will input all the information, book the shipment, and provide you with tracking information.  We ship all over the world via our shipping partner's, so rest assured that there is an option for you.  

Plus, all freight shipments via semi truck are 100% carbon offset by a tree planting program.