Acoustic Remedy Custom Case Builder

We're happy to build any kind of case that you'd like! With our custom case builder its easy build a case to your exact specifications. Our unique case builder will take you step by step through the process of selecting the style, wood type, upgrades, and add ons to make a case that is uniquely yours!

If the components you select are in stock we can build your case in about a week and ship it off to you shortly thereafter. However, if the components you select are out of stock we will build your case with the next batch of cases.

Click here to visit our Single Instrument Humidor Information Page to learn more about our patented humidors.

*Please note that some exotic wood species may need to be sourced and this will add to the timeline.

Start your Custom Build!

Click the type of instrument you are building a case for below and select the style of case you want to build...the ARC Custom Case Builder will take it from there!

Standard and Jumbo Guitar Cases

ClimaCase | Rectangle

ClimaCase | Triangle

ClimaCase | Glass Sides Rectangle

ClimaCase | Glass Sides Triangle

ClimaStand | Glass Sides

Smaller Instruments such as Ukulele's, Mandolins, and Violins


Under Construction......


Bass Guitars


Under Construction......