AR Partners

We've had the pleasure of working with some fantastic retail locations, museums, and some famous artists you may know.  If you know of anyone who can benefit from our products, please contact us and we will reach out.

Industry Partners/Relations

Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Santa Cruz epitomizes the art of boutique guitar building and their founder Richard Hoover is a pioneer in the industry.  You'd be hard pressed to find a better steel string acoustic guitar in the world, so next time you're in the market for one take a look at what SCGC has to offer. 

As an added bonus, all SCGC guitars ship with an exclusive offer to either $100 or $200 off one of our ClimaStands or ClimaCases.

McPherson Guitars

McPherson Guitars is one of the premier, cutting edge guitar manufacturers in the world and they happen to be in Sparta, WI right down I-90 from La Crosse, WI where we're located.  

The guitars made at McPherson speak for themselves.  We were proud to create a custom case for one of their Nautical themed guitars that had inlays, civil war cannonball feet, and some 100 year old reclaimed walnut from a barn in northern Wisconsin.

Taylor Guitars

Headquartered in El Cajon, California, Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, and has grown into the leading global builder of premium acoustic guitars.  

Renowned for blending modern, innovative manufacturing techniques with a master craftsman's attention to detail, Taylor guitars are widely considered among the best-sounding and easiest to play in the world.

We had the honor of sending a couple ClimaStands for their entry way into the headquarters and subsequently working with David Hosler who has since moved on from Taylor and opened a premier guitar shop in Florida called Seven C Music.  See our dealer section below for more details on his shop.

Greenfield Guitars

About Michael: 

My name is Michael Greenfield and I am passionate about tone. Great tone. FAT tone. I believe in squeezing every last molecule of tone out of my guitars.

While playing music professionally in the 1970s, I began setting up and repairing electric guitars. By the 1990s, this evolved into a career repairing and restoring vintage and antique guitars. Having had the opportunity to examine so many of those iconic pre-war and early 20th century instruments was an invaluable education. I was able to examine, measure, play and HEAR those wonderful guitars!! It also pointed out the issues that typically need service down the road, which I attempt to engineer out of my own instruments. Maintaining the guitars of so many musicians nurtured my understanding of how to address the needs of players with varied repertoire, styles and musical needs. I bring all of this to my craft and my current work. My goal is that you are not just satisfied but THRILLED with your new guitar.

String Swing

We proudly feature the best, made in the USA display products available in the world and have a special connection with String Swing since the early days of AR.  

String Swing first started in 1983, when Paul created a guitar holder for himself but the business was not founded until 1987, where they produced the first mass-distributed guitar wall mounts. In addition to the guitar hangers, String Swing has continued to grow, with more than 1,400 other stands, hanging devices and displays for all types of musical instruments.

You can find a String Swing in every ClimaStand and ClimaCase, as well as several ClimaCabs.


Boveda is the global leader in 2-way humidity control.  We utilize their 49%, 49% HA, and 72% 2-Way Humidity packets as well as their Boveda Butler and packet holders.

The packets are revolutionary and automatic, meaning your humidity regimen is greatly simplified.

Story Tellers Museum

Johnny Cash's hideaway farm has been converted into a historical museum and concert venue in Bon Aqua, TN.  We've had distinguished pleasure of protecting some off the Man in Black's guitars at the hideaway museum.  Currently the museum has four Flamed Maple ClimaCases and more are likely in the future. 

We've published some blogs on this and plan to highlight this monumental accomplishment for AR in more ways than one.

Autumn Road Studio

We outfitted a custom designed office at Autumn Road Studios with a beautiful Cherry ClimaCase.  Unfortunately they don't have an office, but we've included their address in case anyone is looking for a great studio in Arkansas.

24201 Burlingame Rd,
Little Rock, AR

Nashville TV Show

ABC's "Made in the USA"

We made ABC's "Made in the USA" three years in a row from 2012 - 2014.  Not sure how we didn't make it since, but we're thankful for being recognized nonetheless.

For the links to the webpages, please click the year below.  Also, don't forget to support some of these fine American companies by visiting their website and finding the treasure trove of goods awaiting you.  Note:  Scroll to Miscellaneous or search for Acoustic Remedy Cases in each of the links.




Artists & Notable Clients

Pat Metheny

hi ryan and adam,

thank you so much for this incredible case! wow - i am really blown away by your thoughtful gift and i can't thank you enough for thinking of me.

sorry for not writing sooner -it actually has been here for a week but i am just now getting due to a little screw up here in my building - from the looks of the sheet it did arrive her on time after you sent it.

i put wes's L5 in there right away and it fit like a glove....!

it will be a great addition to the special room where i keep everything and that guitar will love the special attention (not to mention the great humidifying conditions! - thanks for all those elements as well!)

i will be sending you some things as token of thanks...hope to meet you guys sometime along the way - i just wrote tom mentioning that it looks like i may be playing in appleton in 2014 - i would love to invite you guys as guests that night if it ends up happening.

thanks again!

best from pat

Eric Skye

Shoutout to Acoustic Remedy for making this unbelievably great flamed maple guitar case for my Number One!

Frank Darabont

Hi Adam!
Hope things are great on your end! Sending you and yours good thoughts and best wishes for the upcoming holidays!
First thing: I have attached two photos, check ‘em out.
As you’ll see, those two cocobolo cases have transformed an otherwise boring hallway into something very special.
They look amazing! Displayed beautifully within are a pair of very special hollow-body D’Angelico guitars. 
The guitar on the right is a D’Angelico “Purple Deco.” The way the lighting inside the case makes the sparkle finish glisten and kick light is really something. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but I can vouch that people have gotten mesmerized staring at it.
The guitar on the left is a D’Angelico Excel that was owned by Eric Clapton. I purchased it from Gruhn Guitars when they sold off a bunch of his personal guitars last year. (They included a small photo of Clapton playing this guitar, and I’ve been meaning to get it framed or laminated so I can place it inside the case too. I’ll do that before too long.)
As you can see, the lighting turned out spectacularly well. My electricians had no problem at all getting the cases rigged up — as I mentioned, they are particularly gifted workers, so they just figured out the best way to do the job and got on with it. The wiring is very discreetly run through the backs of the cases, and the LED transformers were mounted directly into the wall behind them. They work perfectly and are a delight. 
Total home run on your choice of LED strips lighting! I can’t imagine anybody NOT wanting this lighting package in their cases, they’re just too good to pass up.
It turns your cases into something very special indeed. It’s almost like the way footlights light up a theater stage: very glamorous when the lighting is cranked high, but beautifully moody and ambient when the lighting is dimmed.
In short, this lighting package makes all the difference. Absolutely sensational.

Mark Joseph

Mark has been a friend of Acoustic Remedy since the days when Ryan and Adam attended the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and caught his band called Down Lo at local music venues each time they came to town.  Ryan and Mark knew each other much longer from growing up around the Twin Cities.
Recently Mark has been playing in a long time Midwestern jam band staple called the Big Wu, various other amazing projects, and is launching his successful solo career simultaneously.  He is truly one hell of a musician, a great person, and the world needs to hear his music.  You can check out his work on his website:
We invited Mark to tour Hickory Ridge Woodworking and hand select a ClimaStand.  He opted for the Old Globe 300+ Year Old Eastern White Pine with Seely stain.  The history, patina, and American roots really spoke to him.  We are honored to call Mark a friend, love his music, and are thrilled to add him to our AR Partners page.

Interior Design Firms

The Decorators Unlimited
4700 Riverside Drive, Suite 100
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Charlie M Design



You can find the ClimaStand at several quality retail locations throughout North America and Europe.  Here is a current list of vendors, please support them and all of your local dealers.  If your local shop doesn't carry the the ClimaStand tell them to get ahold of us and we will get them set up.



Dave's Guitar Shop
1227 South 3rd Street
La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601
Phone: 608-785-7704
Fax: 608-785-7703


Classic Guitars International
836 Anacapa Street, #60
Santa Barbara, CA 93102


Artisan Guitars
The Factory at Franklin
230 Franklin Road
Suite 11-GG
Franklin, TN 37064


Dream Guitars
59 Azalea Drive
Weaverville, NC 28787


The Podium
4151 Minnehaha Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Music Villa
539 E. Main
Bozeman, MT 59715


Elderly Instruments 
1100 N. Washington 
Lansing, MI 48906 USA
(888) 473-5810



ST. PAUL, MN 55105
PHONE (651) 699-1913
FAX (651) 690-1766


Northern Lights Music
57 Main St
Littleton, NH 03561
Seven C Music
5506 Haines Rd N,
St. Petersburg, FL 33714, USA


Guitars San Diego
6255 Ferris Square Ste. E
San Diego, CA 92121


The North American Guitar
434 Houston St, Suite #131
Nashville, TN 37203



The North American Guitar
RKM Communications
Floor 2
4 New Burlington Street
T: +44 (0) 845 844 0010