On this page you will find some videos that either highlight our company, products, or describe some of the components of our product, such as the humidification systems we use in our two main humidified display units - the ClimaStand and ClimaCab.

Company Profile Video:

In this video you will find Adam and Ryan describing how Acoustic Remedy Cases was born, building the first prototypes, working with the Amish, and preserving instruments for a lifetime of use.

Acoustic Life Review of Acoustic Remedy Cases:

Dry Ice Test:

Displays the airtightness of the case by using dry ice to simulate how air would behave in a similar situation.  This is very solid evidence that the gasket and latch system work perfectly together.  The combination of these two key components is the backbone of our product and the main reason we received our patent from the USPTO.


En Route to Artisan Guitar Show - 2019:

TotalStand Kickstarter Video:

Sneak Peak of Acoustic Remedy Cases Profile Video:

We took a drive out to Amish country to capture some of the magic of the bluff countryside surrounding La Crosse, WI and also some footage inside the shop.  This footage will eventually make its way into the final company profile video.

Acoustic Remedy from Media Works Productions on Vimeo.

Cocobolo Build:

Acoustic Remedy @ Gibson Gear Fest - 2013:

We sent some nice cases to Gibson to display at their booth.  The combo looks pretty nice if you ask us!


Taylor Guitars:

The Two-Way Humidification Packets (formerly Humidpak) are strongly recommended and endorsed by Bob Taylor, CEO of Taylor Guitar Co. Check out this video of Bob Taylor describing why he is such a huge supporter of this humidity control method above all others.


Boveda is the developer of the Two-Way Humidification Packets.  They started out in the cigar world and soon found that the market needed reliable humidity control for wooden instruments.  Here are a couple videos of demonstrations of how to use the system and some dry ice test they completed showing how leaky the standard guitar case really is.