ClimaCab Shipping

Great news, your cabinet is ready to ship! What to expect? How to prepare? Fret not, we have answers, recommendations, requirements, tips, and tricks to make the shipping process as smooth as possible. We go to great lengths to ensure we are doing everything possible for a safe arrival of your ClimaCab.

The Network

As soon as the ClimaCab leaves our facility, it has begun the journey via the shipping network. We select freight providers based on a rigorous validation process to ensure it is in the best hands possible from start to finish. This critical step makes for a stress-free experience.

Connecting the Dots: Our International Reach

At the heart of our freight shipping operation is a vast network of freight providers who have strategically located hubs, distribution centers, and transportation routes spanning the entire country. We have international shipping options through reputable carriers, such as DHL, that can get the ClimaCabs from a small shop in Wisconsin to places as far away as Australia.

As the shipping date nears, we enter weights and dimensions into a freight brokerage website and those values establish a freight class. When pricing the movement of goods, the freight companies combine the origin/drop-off zip codes, the freight class, and the level of service requested.

Efficiency Through Technology

Modernizing our freight shipping network wouldn't be possible without cutting-edge technology. Our state-of-the-art tracking systems, real-time data analysis tools, and logistics software help us keep a close eye on every shipment, ensuring that we understand every aspect of the delivery. This level of transparency not only boosts our operational efficiency but also instills confidence in our customers.

The Heart of the Operation: Our Dedicated Team

While technology is a critical component, it's our dedicated team that knows a vast amount about shipping

How We Ship  

The protection of your ClimaCab against the rigors of the shipping industry is of utmost importance. Our experience with shipping them across the world has led us to develop a comprehensive program designed by logistics and packaging professionals.

The Crate

All ClimaCabs ship in a robust 3/4" plywood crate with foam on the interior. These crates are made with precision, with the internal dimensions being within 1/4" larger than the ClimaCab itself, and feature a 36" wide oversized base to prevent tipping and 4" x 4" feet that create fork pockets for material handling equipment. Because the crate resting on the base is less width, we attach T-shaped pieces to the side of the crate that bridge the gap between the crate and the side of the truck. This prevents inadvertent tipping as the ClimaCab is strapped to the side wall of the truck. Please note: the ClimaCab crate is not included in the price of the ClimaCab and is a separate line item added to the shipping cost at the completion of the ClimaCab.

Shock and Tip Indicators

Prior to leaving our shop, we adhere two indicators of rough handling procedures or extensive tipping/falling. These visual indicators can be inspected upon receipt of the ClimaCab and used as evidence to file a claim in the rare event that damage has occured.  

Surface Protection

All ClimaCabs are wrapped from top to bottom in high quality stretch wrap to protect the lacquer finish from any surface scratches. The various components are wrapped and packaged in boxes, which are typically stored in the lower section of the ClimaCab for shipping.

Assembled or Not?

Based on various factors, we may disassemble the ClimaCab before shipment, but it will always be shipped in one crate. Most ClimaCabs do not require this; however, understanding the need and implications is important.

Assembled vs. Disassembled

Typically the ClimaCab ships completely assembled in one taller crate; however, in certain situations we may be required to split the ClimaCab into two parts - the upper section and the lower section - and build a shorter, two-part crate. We creatively link the the two-parts of the crate together so it is still shipped as one unit leaving our shop. This results in a larger footprint in the semi-truck, which increases the cost somewhat, but minimizes the number of items moving through the shipping network.

ClimaCab disassembly is typically due to lower section customization, which oftentimes increases the overall height of the ClimaCab and thereby exceeding height restrictions from the carrier, or based on customer request. Examples of customer requests for disassembly include needing to reduce the weight of each section for ease of moving or based on the space the ClimaCab is being placed in, For example, tight hallways, steep or narrow stairways, and basements are a common requests for disassembly.

Levels of Service

In the world of logistics and freight shipping of ClimaCabs, one size rarely fits all. We have diverse needs when it comes to moving goods, and that's where the "levels of service" come into play. These levels of service offer a range of options and features to accommodate the various requirements of each shipment.

We utilize a freight brokerage that has a network of several national carriers and choose a viable option based on our experience. After countless ClimaCabs shipped nationwide, we have gained some valuable knowledge about the network and we utilize ratings to select the appropriate carrier. Because of issues with performing Room of Choice and White Glove, we have reduced the level of service available to "Non-Lift Gate" and "Threshold". Both of these options do not include entry into the house. Both options require a delivery appointment, to be scheduled by the freight carrier by calling the customer, and a thorough inspection by the customer upon receipt. The inspection can be performed using our online inspection form accessible via a QR code on the outside of the crate or by visiting the ClimaCab Delivery Inspection page.

Non-Liftgate: The recipient is required to remove from the delivery truck. This is not recommended under most circumstances; however, some customers opt to have the ClimaCab shipped to a commercial location with a loading dock or have access to a forklift at their homes, which are typically rural hobby farms where this equipment may be accessible. For all non-lift gate services the delivery truck is equipped with hand-operated pallet jacks which will be used to position the ClimaCab at the rear of the cargo area if a fork truck is to be used to remove. For commercial locations, the hand-operated pallet jacks can be used to remove and position the crated ClimaCab on the receiving dock.

Threshold: The delivery driver will lower the ClimaCab to the ground using the liftgate requested during the booking of the service and move the ClimaCab to the first covered area, such as the porch or garage.

Once the ClimaCab is safely stored, the customer can coordinate with friends and/or family or employ the preferred method of hiring professional movers to assist with getting the ClimaCab into the house.

Concierge Services

The Concierge Services consist of Acoustic Remedy assisting with locating, hiring, and coordinating a professional moving company. The moving companies will provide a white glove experience, which will include moving the cabinet into the room of choice and removing the packaging debris. Our fees for this service are dependent on many factors and will be included on the final invoice, if applicable.  

Assembled vs. Disassembled Factors to Consider

Typically the ClimaCab ships completely assembled in one crate; however, in certain situations, we may be required to split the ClimaCab into two parts - the upper section and the lower section. Two-part shipping may be due to lower section customization, which oftentimes increases the overall height of the ClimaCab, or is based on customer request. Most carriers have height restrictions, so disassembly may be required to meet those restrictions. When the customer requests two-part shipping, it is often due to reducing the weight of each section for ease of moving into the residence. In addition, this request may be based on the space the ClimaCab is being placed in, For example, tight hallways, steep or narrow stairways, and basements are common requests for two-part shipping.


We utilize providers with online tracking that periodic updates from our shop to your home. In addition, we integrate highly capable and accurate GPS trackers that we monitor and use to keep a watchful eye on our freight moving around the country.

Online Carrier Tracking

Once the shipment is booked, the tracking begins. As the ClimaCab is picked up, the tracking updates. We provide the link to the online tracking, which allows for monitoring the shipment along the way. Please keep in mind that most freight carriers do not update as frequently as common carriers, such as FedEx or UPS; however, it is common for updates to occur approximately every 24 hours.

Apple AirTag and/or GPS Tracking

We utilize Apple AirTags and/or GPS trackers to monitor the whereabouts of the shipment from the moment it leaves our shop to its final destination. The robust GPS trackers are either mounted to the top of the ClimaCab crate or placed inside a box in the lower section of the ClimaCab. Apple AirTags will always be placed inside a box in the lower section of the ClimaCab. We provide a return shipping box with a prepaid label to return the trackers upon successful delivery of the ClimaCab.


Our quoting process is pretty straightforward - we communicate with you and send a quote as the final steps of preparation for shipping take place. Quotes are provided via email.


Once the level of service is determined, Acoustic Remedy will provide a quote via email. We calculate the weight, size, and freight class of your ClimaCab to determine an accurate cost to ship your ClimaCab. Quotes are valid for seven business days before a refresh is required. Please note: the ClimaCab crate is not included in the price of the ClimaCab and is a separate line item added to the shipping cost.


Shipping C02 Offset

We take sustainability seriously and attempt to integrate it into all aspects of our business. Because shipping is such an energy intensive process, we participate in off-setting the CO2 emissions from each shipment by planting trees at various locations across the world.

Planting a Better Tomorrow

Our freight provider is an active partner with One Tree Planted. Every shipment we book has 100% of the CO2 emissions offset by the planting of trees. This amounts to many trees per freight shipment and the effects really add up. Their initiative supports reforestation across the United States, promoting clean air, clean water, and the prosperity of biodiversity.

Consistent Effort Adds Up

Since 2021, our freight provider has planted over 42,000 trees and counting.

Customer Opt-In

Upon checkout, you can add Plant A Tree to your cart. Every month, One Tree Planted will send a report of the trees planted based on your support. If your ever curious, we can provide more specific updates about what type and where the trees were planted.

Acoustic Remedy Match

Acoustic Remedy matches each tree planted by our customers and has also committed to planting an additional tree for each transaction on our website.

Pick-Up and Delivery Timelines

An important aspect of the overall shipping process is to understand how long it will take. From the moment the shipment is booked until it arrives at your location is variable; however, there are some general guidelines that pertain to 99+% of situations


All shipping companies operate slightly differently, but generally they pick up between 1 to 4 days of the ready-by date.

Network of Hubs/Terminals

The network of hubs and terminals is the heart of the entire system. As the ClimaCab moves along the route to various strategically placed terminals, it eventually reaches the terminal nearest to you where it is held for the next steps. Each time the ClimaCab is transferred from the truck to the terminal dock and onto the next truck, a scan of the barcode is performed and the tracking updates.  

Estimated Timeframes

Typically most items arrive almost anywhere in the lower 48 contentinental United States within 5-7 business days; however, more remote regions may take up to 10 to 14 business days. International shipments incur additional time. Delivery times vary greatly based on location, the freight carrier, weather, driver time restrictions, and more. Online tracking by the provider and GPS tracking is provided by Acoustic Remedy for every ClimaCab shipment.

Scheduling of Delivery

Scheduling the delivery of your ClimaCab is as important as any other step. This is solely the responsibility of our customers and something we cannot assist with. You may be contacted by phone, email, text, or a combination thereof.

Roles and Responsibilities

Once the ClimaCab reaches the final terminal, a representative will attempt to schedule the delivery from the terminal to your home. Typically they will determine a date and time that works for both their schedule and yours. The delivery times are usually presented in blocks of time - for example, Noon to 4 pm - and it is your responsibility to schedule this as soon as possible. If scheduling becomes difficult to align with both parties schedules, most terminals allow for a few days of free storage. We recommend becoming familiar with their policies and procedures regarding this topic.

Expedient receipt of the ClimaCab is recommend because there is more opportunity for issues to arise the longer fragile freight is in the system. Once the delivery has been scheduled, the ClimaCab will loaded into a box truck with the proper equipment to remove and place in your garage or covered porch area.

Inspection Requirements

We require proper inspection of the ClimaCab for damages before signing any delivery paperwork. 99+% of the time there are no damages; however, if there are and the paperwork is signed prior to discovering and noting, the options for filing claims become greatly limited.

In order to properly inspect the ClimaCab, uncrating is necessary. We recommend you have a cordless drill with a #2 phillips drill bit available to remove the panels of the crate and perform the inspection of the exterior wood and glass surfaces. We provide a QR code on the front of the crate, which can be scanned to access instructions and the inspection form. For redundancy, this is also accessible by clicking the button below.

What To Do If.....

This section is dedicated to providing some answers to situations that although uncommon, can rear their ugly head from time to time. In addition, and fortunately, major issues are few and far between and more often than not are frustrating inconveniences.

Scenario Potential/Recommended Course of Action

What if the shipping company arrives without the proper equipment to perform the service?

Kindly refer them to us by having the driver call 608-844-8460 and if we are not available, please call the phone number of the shipping company that will be available by accessing the tracking information link we provided following pick up of the cabinet from the shop.

What if the shipping company no call/no show, has to reschedule, etc.?

We do not hold any responsibility for the shipping company having to rearrange schedules or failing to show up; however, we will get involved and rest assured we will be making phone calls to attempt to fix the situation as quickly as possible. It's very important to remain cool, calm, and collected because it becomes much more difficult to get assistance if the situation becomes hostile. We are on your side and will help out until a solution has been found.

In certain situations where the shipping company has repeatedly failed in their responsibilities, we will step in and hire 3rd party moving companies to finish the delivery. Typically when this happens, the White Glove service was not able to be completed due to lack of appropriate vehicles, manpower, or proper equipment. Acoustic Remedy will contact our freight broker and have the ClimaCab held at the terminal. The moving company will retrieve the crate and provide the final White Glove service.

What if I forget to inspect before signing the delivery paperwork?

Please use the ClimaCab Delivery Inspection Protocol link above. This is very important in case there are damages. If you forget to inspect, most freight providers still accept claims but it's extremely time dependent and we request that everyone does their very best to properly inspect for yours and our protection. A great way to accomplish this is to book White Glove service because the cabinet will be uncrated by the freight company.

What if there are damages?

Please follow the instructions on the ClimaCab Delivery Inspection Protocol link above

What if I want a refund because the shipping company is creating issues?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Customer Testimonials

"Shipping these this fine furniture halfway across the United States was definitely nerve racking. Acoustic Remedy has a good process in place to navigate through it all"

Carter S.  - Mesa, Arizona

"I received my ClimaCab Traditional+ in the United Kingdom via DHL. The service was excellent and I couldn't be happier to see it arrived in great condition, mostly thanks to the exceptional packing job and the quality freight provider used."

John P.  - London

"Two thumbs up! A few hiccups along the way, but Acoustic Remedy was very responsive to helping me out and getting everything back on track."

Riley W.  - Tuscaloosa, Alabama