Acoustic Remedy's ClimaControl Technology™

Our mission here at Acoustic Remedy Cases is to continue providing protection of the world's finest instruments.  We know a thing or two about doing this after twelve years and thousands of humidors shipped world wide.  What sets the bar so high with our systems is simplicity.  Our systems are so easy to use sometimes you forget there's even any work to make them work. 

In fact, that's our main goal - to provide you with a humidity control system that is easy to use and understand, requires little to no work to maintain, and provides  consistent 45-55% relative humidity no matter where you live.

Our ClimaControl Technology™ is patented technology combined with a wide range of methods to properly humidify.  We've all battled the effects of both high and low humidity with little success, unless of course you are very diligent and pay close attention to it.  Most owners of fine instruments want to pick them up and have them sound as good or better than the day they bought them.  A very important part of that process is proper humidification and unfortunately not enough instrument owners are well educated on the basic principles or simply fall short in the regimen.

Our ClimaControl Technology™  consists of two main components that work in tandem to give you a hermetically sealed environment.  This is consistent across all of our humidor products, including the popular ClimaCase, ClimaStand, and ClimaCab.  In fact, it's such a huge part of our DNA that we do not create humidors without incorporating this patented technology. 

Hermetically Sealed Environment

Guaranteed Seal System™
Joinery and Sealants


ClimaCases and ClimaStands

All ClimaCases and ClimaStands utilize patented Boveda Two-Way Humidification System and ship with a 6 month starter kit of four packets.  In addition, we supply two Aromatic Cedar Two Packet Holders that come with both velcro and 3M adhesive backing to mount them anywhere in the interior.  We recommend to simply rest them on the floor in the lower left and right corners, but the choice is ultimately yours.

The Boveda Two-Way Humidification Packets are maintenance free, two-way humidity control system for wooden stringed instruments. In the past, Boveda was manufactured under some different names such as Humidipak and D'Addario under the Planet Waves product line.

They automatically maintains the optimal 45-50% relative humidity (RH) level within your humidor, eliminating the guesswork and adding and removing moisture on demand. 

Standard 49% RH packets have the capacity to provide 26 grams of vapor per packet to the instrument and humidor interior, while at the same time has the capacity to absorb more than 10 grams of vapor per packet.  

The Boveda packets consist of a formulated salt, water, and gel solution contained in a leak-proof water vapor-permeable membrane.  Based on scientific principles, the saturated solution will maintain a constant level of 45-50% RH within a sealed environment.  The membrane itself ensures purity and allows for rapid water-vapor transmission.  The membrane acts much like the filtration used in water purification systems by inhibiting the passage of soluble substances, such as salt, and by allowing only pure water vapor to pass in and out of the membrane.  

Research has shown that packets have an average lifespan of 2-6 months under normal use conditions in most environments. As long as you can press the packets with your fingers and feel movement of the contents, the packets are working.  Once the packets become solid, discard and replace with new packets. Please visit our Boveda Packet Replacement Program page for easy auto shipment of packets from our shop directly to your house.

We have additional information on our site regarding Boveda's systems, including on our FAQ page, the Boveda Humidication Products Collection, and elsewhere. 


Our ClimaCabs utilize a Vigilant powered humidifier as the main source of humidity with a back-up/redundant source from the Boveda Two-Way Humidification packets.

There is no parallel to Vigilant powered humidifiers. With quality often only found in USA made products, Vigilant overlooks no details in their pursuit of producing the world's best powered humidifier specifically designed for cabinet sized humidors


• The Vigilant humidifier is housed in a hardwood box that is secured to the center of the bottom of the upper section and drops into the lower section approximately 10". The box measures 10" x 10" meaning the lower storage compartment, directly in the center, has space consumed for this key equipment

• A hardwood, handmade slotted grille plate allows for the moisture to enter the upper section of the ClimaCab where the instruments are stored

• 1 quart or 1 gallon reservoir, depending on ClimaCab size, requires refilling only 4-6 weeks on average

• A black control box contains a built in humidity sensor, called a hygrometer, and a thermometer. These sensors send signals to the circuit board and determine when to turn the fan on and off. The integrated hygrometer is accurate within +/- 2% relative humidity (RH) and the thermometer +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit

• In addition, the control box displays several important pieces of information visible at eye level:

• Digital read outs of relative humidity and temperature levels letting you know at a glance what the interior of the ClimaCab is at presently

• Indicator lights that alert when the reservoir requires refill with a red light and when the fan is operating providing crucial humidity into the upper section of the ClimaCab with a green light

• Factory calibrated at 50%, the set point is easily manipulated up or down with the simple turn of a small dial and slight adjustments can fine tune the interior levels within minutes

• All wiring is concealed with hardwood cover plates from the underside of the control box to the humidifier making the entire system professional looking

Reliable Humidity Monitoring

ClimaCases and ClimaStands