Northern White Ash with Antique Slate Stain | DualStand Standard

Wood Species/Stain

Northern White Ash, Fraxinus American

Norse mythology refers to Ash as "the mighty tree that supports the heavens."  The wood is generally straight grained with a coarse uniform texture.

Antique Slate is a stain variety from Woodwright that falls into the medium grey tone palette. When applied to Northern White Ash, it creates a very uniform grey surface and slightly darker grey grain lines reveal themselves giving depth and character to this beautiful wood species.


The DualStand is a patented beautiful hardwood stand that can store two instruments in the same footprint as most single instrument stands.  Handcrafted in the same Amish shop as our other popular music accessory products, the craftsmanship and quality combined with the beautiful woods, stains, and satin smooth finish are second to none.

The main difference between the DualStand Standard and DualStand Deluxe is the base and the angled holder which can hold a variety of accessories.  You can view our comparison table here.


  • Base:  16" L x 11" W x 1 1/2" H
  • Assembled Height:  43" 

Handmade to the Highest Standards

The beauty of a handmade music accessory from Acoustic Remedy is second to none.  All DualStands are made in small batches by one Amish craftsman in a workshop tucked high on the bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin.  

DualStand Standard Features:

  • 100% hardwood construction from domestic and exotic species

  • Strong 2" square upright pole secured to stable based with thumb bolts

  • High quality Woodwright stains and durable catalyzed lacquer finish

  • Rugged feet mounted to the bottom provide exceptional stability

  • Flush mounted brass inserts to thread in String Swings

Sophisticated Design 

Sleek lines, slim profiles, and exquisite American hardwoods make the DualStand Standard capable of adding style and sophistication into any room.

An innovative design and contemporary look accentuate the beauty of your instruments while providing a unique approach to keeping them out and accessible to play.

Dual Instrument Storage 

Our patented design allows for one instrument to hang freely over the base while the other rests along the angled upright pole. A cork pad with peel back adhesive can be placed along the pole at the proper height to protect the finish of your instrument.  We've integrated industry leading String Swing guitar cradles to hang your instrument safely.  

Stable Base

The dimensions of the base and engineered center of gravity design provides a steady footprint that eliminates risk of tipping.  The stability of the base is not comprised when either instrument is removed from the DualStand.  We've tested this many times with different weight instruments on either hanger and none posed any issues.  

Instrument Sizes & Types

We designed the DualStand Standard around guitars, which are undoubtedly the most popular stringed instrument ever created.  Through our customers, we've found out that a multitude of instruments are at home on the DualStand Standard. 

A list of instruments that can comfortably be stored includes but is not limited to:

  • banjos
  • acoustic and electric bass guitars
  • dreadnought guitars
  • electric solid and hollow body guitars
  • arch top guitars
  • parlor sized guitars
  • 00/000 sized guitars
  • super jumbo sized guitars
  • and more

Available Tablet/Sheet Music/Book Holder 

A matching angled holder can attach to the upper portion of the DualStand and is capable of holding several items including tablets, books, sheet music, picks, capos, and tuners. This feature comes standard on the DualStand Deluxe and more information on that product can be found here. 

If you'd like to purchase the angled holder to integrate into the DualStand Standard, please click here to add to your cart.  Please ensure you select the proper wood type and if you require other String Swing hangers that the standard guitar hangers, please ensure to select that along with the wood type.

Shipping and Fulfillment

  • Flat Rate Shipping:  $35 to the lower 48 continental USA

  • Alaska, Hawaii, and International:  additional charges apply, we will quote upon receiving your order and issue an additional invoice 


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