Amish Country Gallery

Here you can find a gallery of photos that will give you a glimpse into the world of the Amish.  Our Amish builder and finisher are Old World Amish.  There is a population of approximately 10,000 residents scattered throughout West Central Wisconsin.  They speak Pennsylvanian Dutch and very good English as well.  

We've had the honor to work with these amazing people and they've helped to create the wonderful product we have now by bringing unique woodworking and finishing techniques to the table and modifications that have vastly improved our product since the initial prototypes.  We certainly couldn't do what we do without them.  

Please stop back often to check this page for new photos.  We personally find their world immensely intriguing and something that remains something of a mystery to a majority of the modern world.  When we drive our to our builder's shop, nearly every time we find the slow pace of life and solitude to be grounding and infinitely peaceful.  Hopefully a small portion of their story can be shared here.