ClimaCab Builds - Group F

Welcome to the ClimaCab Builds - Group F update page.  Here you will find some updates, timelines, downloads, and photo collages which pertain to the group that your ClimaCab is being built in.

In any given ClimaCab, there are approximately 100 parts/pieces which come together to form the world's best multi-instrument humidor.  Because each ClimaCab shares roughly 80% of these parts/pieces, there is a lot of efficiency gained by producing them in groups. For Group F, there are 34 ClimaCabs of various sizes and configurations.

As the process begins, we take raw lumber and hand select for proper length, width, and thickness depending on the part/piece it is needed for.  From there, the team at Hickory Ridge Woodworking cuts "blanks", which are boards rough cut to length/width. 

Following the blank cutting process, each board is labeled with unique ID numbers and stacked onto one of the many multi-functional carts found in the shop.  From this point through the assembly of the upper and lower section, the various parts/pieces move around the shop on the carts.

As of the first part of October, all parts/pieces have been cut and HRW is moving into the milling stage.  This stage includes flat planing, edge joining, and eventually the joinery which locks the individual part/piece to a companion piece.  This is required anywhere two parts come together, such as the framework of the upper/lower section, the doors, and the ceiling/floor of the upper section.  

Following that stage, everything will be precision cut to final length and the assembly stage will begin.  All ClimaCabs need to be assembled to preserve the straightness of the part/piece.  Once we arrive at the assembly phase, an additional update will be posted.  In between now and then, we will update this page with photo collages of the build process.