ClimaCab Group F Build Page


This page contains crucial details about Group F, the group your ClimaCab is being built in. We'll regularly share photo collages and offer updates upon reaching specific milestones. As the construction advances, we'll provide approximate dates for when the cabinet is expected to arrive at the finisher's shop for lacquering and staining (if applicable), and ultimately, its completion date. It's important to note that various factors such as equipment malfunctions, illnesses, family situations, and more, may impact the schedule.

Once the ClimaCab nears the completion date, we will be in touch with you regarding shipping.  Please bookmark this page and revisit it as frequently as you'd like.  As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or 608-844-8460.


We've secured all the lumber, with some sourced from as distant locations as Hawaii and Africa. The initial stages of cutting "blanks" are underway. We currently maintain ample inventory levels of common wood species like Northern White Ash, Cherry, and Flame Maple, consistently replenishing our stock. Typically, we initiate the process with these common wood types and await the arrival of exotic or harder-to-find domestic species before proceeding to cut those blanks.



The initial phases involve arranging numerous boards on carts and transporting them to different stations within the Hickory Ridge Woodworking workshops. Each board is labeled for individual orders and for commonly used parts shared among our display options. To track every order effectively throughout the entire construction process, specific numbers are inscribed on the ends of the boards. 



Comprehensive records of all particulars are recorded on a document known as a "Build Sheet". These sheets are created by either Adam or Ryan and thoroughly reviewed with you, as well as the builder. We meticulously attend to every detail and, in the event of any revisions, promptly substitute the build sheet at the shop with the latest version. In specific cases, intricate shop drawings are crafted to guarantee the inclusion of all components and to generate precise cut lists for certain cabinets. 



The blanks have been finished, and the subsequent stage is what we refer to as "pre-milling." This encompasses activities like flat planing, joining, rip sawing, and trimming to length. We expect to conclude these steps in the upcoming weeks. Following pre-milling, the process transitions to milling, with the pieces advancing to the next workshop where joinery cuts are executed along the edges.



All slat wall has been cut to length and the edge profile has been cut.



Great things are happening in the shop over the last couple of weeks.  All doors for the upper sections are complete and ready for hand sanding next. 



The initial steps for the lower section side panels/framing are scheduled to commence in the early part of the upcoming week. In the accompanying photos, several wooden pieces display grooves, protruding tongues, or, in certain instances, both a tongue and groove in a single piece. These elements eventually interlock to form the frame surrounding the hardwood panel. Upon closer inspection, you'll observe small oval rubber components. These are inserted into the grooves, providing a soft cushion to accommodate the natural expansion or contraction of the central panel in response to fluctuations in humidity and temperature.



After finishing the panel/framing stage, the construction team will proceed to the crucial step of assembling the lower section. Once the lower section is put together, it can be temporarily set aside, allowing the team to advance further with additional work on the upper section.



Hello from the frigid north!  We've had a "different" winter with temperatures fluctuating from the mid to upper 40's around Christmas to negative 25 degrees last Friday.  We are now warming up a bit from the coldest and we are all happy about that.  Of course, this has no real effect on the progress of things in the shop and a massive amount of progress has been made.

As of today, the lower and upper sections are completely assembled for all cabinets in Group F. As you can see in the picture below, the backs are left out of the cabinet for finishing and a brace piece is inserted to ensure the upper section sides are properly secured for transport.  The brace piece also allows for spraying of the lacquer through instead of having it pool up if the back were inserted for the finishing process.

The lower sections of the first 6 cabinets in the batch are currently over to the finisher.  The upper sections still have a few parts and pieces left before they head over.  All things considered, we are doing quite well with the estimates we made in September/October (which is further discussed in the next section).  

All doors for the upper and lower sections are completed.  They are ready to head over to the finisher, and to keep things manageable, the doors go over with the cabinet.  The circle cut outs shown in the final image are to accept the soft close hinges that are installed for the lower section doors.

Various parts and pieces for the neck and bout rest require precision routing to accept the metal bar which attracts the magnets used in various components.


All cabinets are completed and are making their way over to the finisher, Southside Finishing, Shipping this week are cabinets 1-6, and next week we will be getting around to shipping the next 7 cabinets over the next 10-14 days.  In the meantime, another set of ClimaCabs came back from Southside Finishing on Saturday, 3/9. 

The build team will be busy over the next few weeks getting the final hardware, glass, lighting, humidity control, and more installed in the cabinets which are back from the finisher as well as prepping the next set to be brought over for stain (if applicable) and lacquer. 

In addition to those final steps, the build team will be building custom crates for each ClimaCab ready to ship.  These crates are absolutely critical to ensure a safe journey from our shop to your home.  The crates feature several well designed features which make them stand up to the rigors of the freight industry.

The cost of the crate is not included in the cost of the ClimaCab and we will be adding it to the shipping estimated we provide. 

As we are obtaining shipping estimates, it is commonplace to estimate (with exceptionally good accuracy) what the ClimaCab(s) will weigh and how large the crate will be. 

We will reach out to you independently from this point forward.  You will receive multiple emails from us as shipment dates nears and we will send the final invoice (after obtaining a shipping estimate from our preferred freight provider). 

Wire Channels

Did you know that all wire channels leading from the humidifier controller are magnetized?  This allows for easy removal if a wire for the Acoustic Remedy Humidity Control System ever happens to malfunction.  The wires run down the U-shaped cut out from the middle back of the ClimaCab through a concealed hole in the floor and into the humidifier hardwood box for a standard lower section or to the floor of the lower section when humidifiers are ducted (due to certain customized lower section features).  The wires are held in place by velcro and zip ties inside of the U-Shaped channel.

Wrap Arounds

We are always searching for new ways to ensure an airtight humidor and recently created the wrap around.  This small widget plays a critical role and prevents air from entering or exiting at the top/bottom where the overlap board attached to the backside of the left door frames intersects the face framing of the upper section. 

AR Humidity Control System - Humidifier

 Your ClimaCab will have a stainless steel lid exactly like the one shown below.  The fan is mounted to the lid and the distilled water is poured into the reservoir by lifting off the black plastic cap.  There are max fill line stickers on the interior of the reservoir and a specialty wick supported in a wick holder underneath the lid of the humidifier.

We will be deliberate about selecting cabinets to photograph and this will not hold up the shipping process.  Everything is looking beautiful as evidenced in the photos below and we will continue to post more photos as they become available.



A few more shop photos: