ClimaCab ProHang System

The ClimaCab ProHang System is the Top Rail System combined hardwood slat wall on the back of the ClimaCab. 

This system expands display options and increases the number of instruments that each size ClimaCab can store while adding an extra touch of complimentary hardwoods to further customize the appearance.  A very popular combination is to stain the exterior a darker color and utilize a lighter colored wood for the slat wall.  This two tone look translates well across darker color spectrums as well.  For example, Black Walnut exterior with Aromatic Cedar slat wall.  

All ClimaCab ProHang Systems come with a starter set of String Swing slat wall hangers.  The number of hangers included varies based on the size of the ClimaCab, which can be found on the following chart

The standard String Swing hanger is the 2" straight arm hanger with a guitar yoke.  There are additional hangers that can be selected from the products found in our String Swing Products collection, including for a variety instruments other than guitar. 

All hangers fit properly in the small gap between each piece of slat and are completely secure to house a variety of instruments.  Additionally, String Swing offers a deeper yoke and keeper rings to provide additional peace of mind.  All finishes on String Swing hangers are proven safe for a variety of instrument finishes, including nitrocellulose.

In addition to accenting the interior of the cabinet with slat wall, additional accent locations that we offer can be explored by visiting our ClimaCab Accent Woods page.