ClimaCab | Vigilant Humidifiers

In our multi-instrument ClimaCab, the Vigilant humidifiers are the primary source of humidification in our Dual Humidification Process™.  There are two sizes of humidifiers that are utilized, the Sentry 10 for Petite through Traditional+ sized ClimaCabs and the Sentry 100 for Grand and up sized ClimaCabs.

Prior to landing on the Vigilant brand, we performed exhaustive research and development testing out over ten different brands.  What stands out with the Vigilant brand is their humidifiers are the most accurate, simple to use, and reliable.  With accuracy within +/- 5%, it's guaranteed that the levels displayed on the digital read out is very accurate to actual levels.  We've performed secondary validation with the hygrometer provided with our ClimaCases/ClimaStands and have determined this accuracy level is true.  In addition, the aesthetics are a complement to the quality and looks of the ClimaCab.

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Sentry 10
Sentry 100