LED Lighting

All ClimaCabs features fully dimmable, remote controlled LED strip lighting housed in V-shaped brushed aluminum channel, pointing the 3000k warm light at a 45 degree angle towards the interior of the ClimaCab and illuminating the instruments perfectly.

LED Light Strip

Lifetime Warranty

The LED light strip carries a warranty for the entire estimated 50,000 hour lifespan, Should anything malfunction during normal use of the LED light strip, we can provide a replacement strip at no charge.

Dependable, Low Heat LEDs

Dependable, industry-standard 3528 SMD LEDs. These types of LEDs are able to emit lumens of approximately 100 lumens per foot of LED light strip while remaining cool to the touch.

Vibrant, Natural Color Tones

As a standard, we use 3,000K warm white correlated color temperature light strip. This falls into the medium warm part of the spectrum. Additional Kelvin tones are available by special request.

Concealed Wiring

The entire LED light strip and associated wiring is completely concealed with professional installation and thoughtful placement of key components. The power supply for the LED lighting system is plugged into the same power strip as the humidifier for easy operation and access.

Safety Rated

The LED light is UL Listed, which is the industry standard for safety ratings for consumer products in the United States. In addition, the CE symbol means the product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements

Dimmable & Diffused

With a simple to use remote control, the LED light strip is dimmable form 0-100%. We house in a brushed aluminum channel with a 45 degree angle, softening and angling the light perfectly into the ClimaCab

Remote Controlled

Radio Frequency

The LED remote uses Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to send a signal to the sensor connected to the end of the LED light strip.


With the touch of the buttons on the keypad, the brightness of the LED light strip can be controlled up/down from 0%-100% or using 6 button shortcuts of 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, or 100%.

Setting Retention

Power-cycle mode retention allows your light strip to return to the mode that was selected before it was powered off.

Brushed Aluminum Channel

Polycarbonate Diffuser

Diffused PC covers help to reduce light dots and glaring on your instruments. The result is soft and even LED light.

Heat Sink

The aluminum channel doubles as a track but also as a heat-sink to ensure the lifespan of your LED strips is maximized.

Seamless Transitions

90 degree corner connectors and 180 degree straight connectors result in no gaps and continuous diffusion.

Customer Testimonials

"The LED lighting is masterfully installed with no wires showing and works flawlessly."

Jason R.  - Long Island, New York

"The dimming function is great! Being able to select from presets and dialing in the light with up/down arrows makes for a completely customized look."

Ron T - Dallas, Texas

"Fantastic lighting system!"

Eric T. - Mobile, Alabama