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The ClimaCase, a climate controlled wall model humidor, is designed to be the world's simplest and most stylish method to preserve and display a variety of stringed instruments. The ClimaCase is a key tool in your instrument care regimen and will quickly become the centerpiece of any room.

Serious collectors, hobbyists, and musicians know that proper care is required to keep your instrument in optimal playing condition and preserve its value. As an added benefit, having the instrument nearby and easily accessible means more time playing and less time worrying about exposures to damaging humidity/temperature fluctuations.

  • Construction Specifications

    Sized for Most Guitars:

    • All ClimaCases are designed around a dreadnought guitar, which is one of the most popular guitars in the world

    • Similar size guitars will fit perfectly and we also have two String Swing locations that are spaced 1 1/2" apart allowing for centering of slightly smaller bodied guitars

    • NOTE: If the lower bout of your guitar is 17" or larger, you must choose one of the Jumbo options from the drop down lists on the product listings. Please note that we don't typically stock these sizes so there are two options for having one built -

      1. Either wait until we run the next batch of ClimaCases by selecting "Jumbo - With Next Batch" OR
      2. Having it made out of cycle, which is typically within 1-2 weeks of order placement for production to begin, by selecting "Jumbo - Out of Cycle"
    • Extra small bodied guitars, such as parlor guitars or mini/baby guitars, may be better suited for a custom sized ClimaCase. Options for these sizes can be found at our Custom Shop by clicking here.

  • Wood: 

    • All ClimaCases are constructed with durable 3/4" thick hardwood

    • Certain species, such as cherry and walnut, will incorporate "A" grade plywood the back.  This is common in high end cabinetry and does not effect aesthetic qualities or function.  The back is dado inset into the side pieces so no plywood edges are showing and integrates a necessary 1/16' - 1/8"  gap between back and sides to allow for natural expansion/contraction of the wood

    • All edges have a 1/8" round over for comfort/safety factors and aesthetic properties

    • All surfaces are hand sanded and the dust is meticulously removed prior to finishing to allow for a satin smooth finish

      Mounting Points:
      • Three mounting points through the back of the robust 3/4" back allow for extremely secure mounting to the wall

      • One mounting point is located below the two String Swing locations at the top and the other two mounting locations are spaced 16 inches apart near the bottom of the ClimaCase

      • Once installed on the wall, a matching wood plug fits snugly into the hole concealing the screw

        • Extremely durable piano hinges run the length of the hinge side of the door.  Concealed hinges are not available because they will impact the effectiveness of the gasket

        • 304 stainless steel, polished finish draw latches on the top and bottom of the ClimaCase provide over 30 lbs of pull each.  The top draw latch accepts a padlock giving you basic protection from theft and unwanted hands on your instrument

        • We offer a coved finger pull routed into the door handle, giving the ClimaCase a sleek look with no handles, knobs, or pulls visible from the front.  If you would like to include hardware, please see the Customization section below
          • Double strength, 1/8" thick glass is professionally installed with rubber glass retainer and a bead of clear silicone between the glass and the door frame

          • UV filtering glass is available as an upgrade and information is provided below

        • Security/Protection Upgrades

        • Keyed Cam Lock
          UV Blocking/Safety Glass
          Non-UV Filtering/UV Filtering Acrylic



          Glass Sides:



          Wood Species

          In order to fully customize your ClimaCase, we ask you to contact us and discuss your ideas. We will work with you to bring them to life.

          To learn more, please visit our Custom Shop by clicking here.


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