Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Guaranteed Seal System?

The Guaranteed Seal System is the patented climate control that Acoustic Remedy employs across our entire line of humidors.  It all starts with the neoprene gasket running the entire perimeter of the instrument storage area.  Next, we employ a method to pull the door tight to the gasket and create a micro-climate.  On the ClimaCase and the ClimaStand, the method is extremely durable spring loaded latches.  On the ClimaCab, the method is incredibly strong neodymium magnets.

We light test every single humidor leaving our shop.  If no light can escape, no air can either.  Since we hold a patent on this concept, we are the only humidor manufacturer allowed to do this.  Discover the difference the Guaranteed Seal System can make and you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

What kind of instruments are affected by improper climate control? 

Although all instruments are affected by improper climate conditions, both temperature and humidity, acoustic instruments tend to be prone to the most significant damage.  Electric solid body instruments are also affected, so it's important to properly humidify them as well.

What are the symptoms of a dry instrument?

What are the symptoms of a wet instrument?

Do my instruments need humidification or de-humidification?

Most regions worldwide require one or the other while some are lucky to have ideal humidity levels year round, such as Santa Cruz, CA, home of Santa Cruz Guitar Co.  We typically break this down to two factors - geographical and seasonal.

For example, in Wisconsin, where Acoustic Remedy is headquartered, the humidity can fluctuate significantly from low teens in the winter to low 90s in the summer.  Any location similar to this actually needs both humidification and de-humidification.  Rocky Mountain and desert regions tend to be very dry year round while locations such as Florida or the sub-trophics are very moist year round.  

Acoustic Remedy utilizes three systems to either humidify or de-humidify our humidors.  The first system is the world's simplest and is produced by Boveda.  The 2-Way Humidifcation packets either absorb or emit moisture to keep the interior levels between 40-50% RH.  The second system is the Vigilant humidifiers which are factory calibrated at 50% and the third system is the de-humidification unit produced by Vigilant.  All ClimaStands & ClimaCases use the Boveda packets only, while our ClimaCabs utilize the Vigilant products as the primary source and Boveda as a secondary/redundant source.

What about whole home humidification, do I still need a humidor?

Whole home humidification is definitely better than none; however, there are many implications of relying on this for instruments.  First of all, in the winter months you may have to turn up the humidity so high that condensation, molding, and other unwanted side effects start appearing.  By utilizing our products, you've isolated the instruments and have a much smaller space to condition.

How often do I need to replace the Boveda packets and the water in the Acoustic Remedy powered humidifier?

Typically the packets will last around 2-3 months in the winter months and 4-6 over the summer.  This is dependent on many factors including the starting RH of the instrument, how many times the air is exchanged, and diligence latching the door shut after removing or replacing your instrument.

For our humidifiers, the water needs replacing about once every 10-12 weeks due to the hermetically sealed interior and the efficiency of the unit.

What type of water is required for the Acoustic Remedy powered humidifiers?

For the powered humidifiers, distilled water should be used to prevent lime and scale build up in the reservoir.  In addition, we recommend including a few drops of bacteriostat into the reservoir each time you refill.  We offer this for sale here.

What other routine maintenance do I need to perform on the Acoustic Remedy humidifiers?

Routine maintenance includes changing of the wick every 6-8 months.  Replacement wicks for all sizes of ClimaCabs can be found here.

How long does it take for RH levels to reach equilibrium?

If your guitar has not been previously humidified and/or is showing signs of lack of humidity, the packets will dispense at an increased rate due to the fact that the instrument is in a dry condition and will soak up the moisture it desperately needs to reach equilibrium. Similarly, the reservoir in the humidifier will deplete quickly.

Research has shown that a properly humidified acoustic guitar holds about 8-10 grams of water.  To restore a dry guitar to the proper level can take 30-60 grams of water/vapor.  The wood and interior of the humidor may also need to be “seasoned”.  This can be accomplished by purchasing some of the Boveda 72% packets, which can also may be used to fast track your instrument's humidity levels as well.  Once everything has reached equilibrium, within 1-2 days, the humidors do an incredible job of keeping all internal spaces (guitar included) at the recommended 40-50% relative humidity (RH).

How are the Boveda packets used?

The Boveda packets are stored in Boveda Packet Holders, which come in one or two packet versions in either Cedar or brushed aluminum.  You simply remove the packets from the packaging, place them into the packet holders and place in the lower corners of the ClimaStand/ClimaCase with the slotted side up or on the magnetic mounting plates in the ClimaCab.  Each ClimaStand/ClimaCase ships with a pair of two packet holders and optional magnetic/velcro mounting plates with 3M adhesive backing.  We highly recommend putting them in the lower corners, however with the mounting plates you can place them anywhere you want within, such as the sides.  Please be cautious in doing so because the adhesive strength and guarantee that it won't let loose are not backed by Acoustic Remedy and by using you are doing so at your own risk.

Once the packets are in the humidor, they go to work either absorbing or releasing moisture with no effort from you.  Automatic humidity control at it's finest!

How long will the Boveda packets last?

On average, the Boveda packets have a lifespan of 2-4 months depending on several variables listed below.  As long as you are cognizant of these factors, we anticipate your packets will last the average lifespan.

You may experience months where the packets last longer or shorter based on these variables:

Why do I feel small lumps in the Boveda packets?

Boveda formulas are a saturated salt solution which means an excess amount of blended salts are mixed with water and dispensed into the pouches you receive. From time to time some crystals form during the blending and filling process. This is normal and inherent of salts physical structure but also unavoidable. Although crystals will form, they do not impact the performance of Boveda and are completely safe to use.  If the crystals have become too sharp, and in the rare instance puncture the pouch, please notify Boveda and they will replace them at no cost.

My instrument collection is HUGE, can you protect it all?

Absolutely, we have many combinations of how this can be accomplished.  We have customers who've purchased up to fifteen ClimaCases and ClimaStands.  Others have combined those products with our ClimaCab and another option is to utilize our ClimaCab Combo, which allows you to mix and match sizes of the Petite, Traditional, Grand, and Grand Plus to have a truly customized ClimaCab.

What types of instruments does Acoustic Remedy make humidors for?

Big to small and everything in between.  We've made humidors for cellos, mandolins, violins, ukuleles, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, jazz arch tops, parlor to jumbo sized guitars, banjos, and many custom sizes for customers.

If you cannot find your instrument type in the product menu, please contact us to discuss the type of instrument you'd like a humidor for.

Are the surfaces contacting my instruments considered finish safe?

All String Swing items have been rigorously tested and proven safe for all instrument surfaces.  In addition, the cork used in the bumper pads in the ClimaStands and ClimaCases and the bout/neck rest system in the ClimaCabs are proven safe for finishes as well.

Are my instruments safe all winter as I head south?

One of the many benefits of the Guaranteed Seal System is that once the instrument and interior wood have come to equilibrium, it will stay there almost indefinitely.  We have many customers in upstate New York who head for the Florida beaches and come home to a perfectly humidified instrument months later.  

What customization options does Acoustic Remedy have?

We offer a wide range of customization options.  From inlays to custom sizes to exotic woods to design changes, we've done it all.  We include all modest design consultation fees into the final price of the product.

We invite you to explore our Custom Shop page for more information and examples of past projects.

What is the typical turn around time from ordering to delivery?

ClimaStand and ClimaCase

We can generally ship all ClimaStands and ClimaCases from our builder's workshop (where inventory is stored) within 5-10 business days if the wood type and style is in stock.   Our inventory can vary depending on sales volume and promotional activities, so although we try to keep the correct amount in stock based on past sales history, there are times when we run out. If this situation occurs with your order, we will contact you will updated delivery times based on build schedules and other factors.

For exotic woods, non-stock items, and custom builds, additional wait time is expected and depends on several variables.  Most likely we will be able to source the wood you are interested in, but availability of lumber and delivery time from the mill is probably one of the greatest factors contributing to varying wait times.  It's always best for us to quote your custom item and then give you an idea of timing once all the pieces come together.


ClimaCabs are ranging from six months minimum to up to twelve months depending on the complexities of the order, current production schedules, and several other factors.  We will communicate with you throughout the process and update you accordingly to assist you in planning for delivery.

How much is shipping?

United States of America (Lower 48):

  • $150 flat rate for ClimaStands and ClimaCases
  • $250 for Jumbo ClimaStands and ClimaCases
  • $250 - $300 for overpack boxes
  • Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico will incur additional shipping costs
    International:  We've shipped all over the world including but not limited to Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Philippines, Australia, and Japan.
    • Your order will show a $.01 shipping rate automatically added by our website order system and an additional invoice will be sent via email once we've brokered the shipment
    • All additional shipping costs must be fully paid prior to shipment
    • Inquiries regarding international shipping costs prior to ordering can be sent to  Please be aware that any orders cancelled after additional costs have been researched will be refunded according to FAQ "What if I want to cancel my order?" found on this page.
    • All taxes, customs fees, and other additional costs for international orders are the responsibility of the customer.  Acoustic Remedy Cases does not research this information, so please do not inquire.

    How do the products ship?

    For both triangle and rectangle ClimaCases, we ship the humidor in one large box.  For ClimaStands, which share the same triangle case portion as the ClimaCase, we ship it two boxes - one large box for the humidor and one smaller box for the base unit. These products ship via FedEx, with automated tracking information upon generation of the shipping label.  

    We protect them to the best extent possible with custom foam packaging that float the humidor inside the box and rigid foam on the top, bottom, and sides to protect from crushing or puncture.  All products are insured in the event damages should occur, we will send a like replacement as soon as practical and file a claim which will initiate the return of the damaged item.

    Most other smaller products, such as Pedal Boards, String Racks, and other accessories we use a combination of boxes required and will ship either FedEx or USPS.

    The ClimaCabs all ship via freight and the process involves obtaining dimensions and quoting the shipment via a network of freight providers.  We will communicate this process in more detail with each customer individually.

      What other factors should I consider?

      In addition to using the Boveda packets, you should also consider the following:

      • Attempt to maintain a consistent temperature in the room where your humidor is located
        • Anywhere the range of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. The Caliber IV hygrometer featured in each ClimaStand/ClimaCase and the Vigilant humidifier control box in the ClimaCab will display both humidity and temperature
        • Keep away from entry ways and consider the level of the home you are installing the humidor in - for example, basements tend to be cooler and 2nd levels warmer due to normal temperature fluctuations inside homes.  These variations are just fine, but if you have poor air circulation or an older home then it might be something to consider
          •  Place humidors away from direct sources of heating, air conditioning, or sunlight if possible.
          • Adding additional Boveda into your ClimaStand, ClimaCase, or ClimaCab is perfectly OK. You can never use too much Boveda and in some circumstances you may need to use more Boveda than the minimum recommended. Think about upping the number of Boveda if you're located in an extreme climate (desert-dry or rainforest-like) or when it’s exposed to seasonal humidity swings
          • Close your humidor once you remove your instrument to limit air exchange

        What if I want to cancel my order?

        There are several factors to consider if you want to cancel your order after payment. 

        • If the ClimaCase or ClimaStand hasn't shipped at the time of cancellation, there is a 10% restocking fee
        • If the ClimaCase or ClimaStand has already shipped at the time of cancellation, there is a 35% re-stocking fee and you must pay for return shipping via FedEx Ground
        • All custom orders and ClimaCabs require a 50% down payment at time of purchase and we will retain the full down payment if the order is cancelled at any time during the process
        • We reserve the right to change the terms of our refund policy at anytime