Custom Guitar Case detailWhat is included with each purchase? 

  • 6 month supply of Humidipaks
  • 2 Planet Waves breathable mesh pouches
  • 1 battery powered LED light positioned at the top to properly light your instrument
  • 2 durable stainless steel, spring loaded latches - one of which accepts a small padlock for added protection (padlock available through our Accessories page)
  • String Swing instrument cradle and rubber bumper pad to prevent the instrument from hitting the back of the case
  • Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer
  • Important purchase documents including the ClimaStand Care/Cleaning and the Character of Trees

What assembly should I expect for the Floor Models?  How do I hang the Wall Models

Floor Models: 

All Floor Models ship in two different boxes - one for the main body and one for the base of the ClimaStand.  Typical time necessary for assembly is 10 minutes and requires a #2 square bit. We use square head bit because it tends to not strip out the head of the screw if your drills slips.  

The assembly requires lining up the the base with light pencil marks on the body and inserting three screws along the top and five screws through the bottom.  All holes are pre-drilled and the insertion of the screws should be very easy.  

Wall Models:

All Wall Models ship with three screws and three plastic toggles that can be inserted into the drywall for added strength.  Please keep in mind these are recommended instructions and it will require the assistance of at least one other person.  If you don't feel comfortable installing the case, please hire a handyman or carpenter.

If you want to preview the instructions or misplace the printed copy that is shipped with each case, simply click the link below.   

Please click here for assembly instructions

What is the typical turn around time from ordering to delivery?

We can generally get all ClimaStands out of our workshop within 5-10 business days for the wood types we keep in stock, which includes:  Cherry, Walnut, Ribbon Stripped African Mahogany, and Flamed Maple.  All other wood types incur additional wait time, which varies depending on availability of lumber. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and we will contact you if additional time will be required to ship your case.  

Certain combination cases (Flame Maple/Ribboned African Mahogany and Flame Maple/Walnut) may require additional wait time.  Please call or email for additional details.

How much is shipping?

Wall/Floor Models - $49.99 flat rate per case in the lower 48 (Acoustic Remedy Cases subsidizes the remaining shipping cost above this rate)

Shipping rates to Hawaii, Alaska, and international to be determined.

Does my instrument need humidification?

OF COURSE!!  It is essential to humidify all wooden instruments. In fact, lack of humidity is the number one cause of all instrument repairs. 

What are the symptoms of a dry instrument?

  • Warped top (bowed or cupped)
  • Neck bow
  • Change in tone of instrument
  • Sharp fret ends
  • String action too low/notes buzzing
  • Cracking of the neck and/or body
  • Lifted bridge
  • Finish checks, cracks, or “orange peeling”

How do I use the ClimaStand?

  1. Put the Humidipak packets inside the Planet Waves mesh pouches and place onto the wooden packet holders in the ClimaStand.
  2. Place your guitar in the hanger.
  3. Latch the door.
  4. When the Humidipak packets become stiff replace them with a fresh set (packets last approximately 2-4 months).

How long does it take for the Humidipaks to bring levels to equilibrium?

If your guitar has not been previously humidified and/or is showing signs of lack of humidity, the packets will dispense at an increased rate due to the fact that the instrument is in a dry condition and will soak up the moisture it desperately needs to reach equilibrium.  Research has shown that a properly humidified acoustic guitar holds about 8-10 grams of water.  To restore a dry guitar to the proper level can take 30-60 grams of water/vapor.  The wood and interior of the ClimaStand are “seasoned” at our facility and should be at equilibrium when it arrives.  If your guitar was properly humidified before it was placed in the ClimaStand, equilibrium will be reached within 1-2 days.  If your guitar is not properly humidified before placing it in the ClimaStand it will take longer to come to equilibrium, on average 2-4 days.

How long will the packets last?

On average, the Humidipak packets have a lifespan of 2-4 months depending on the geographic location, the climate, the season, the internal humidity in your house, how many times you open and close the ClimaStand, and if you are diligent about latching the case every time the door is closed (even when when playing the instrument).  As long as you are cognizant these factors we anticipate your packets will last the average lifespan.

You may experience months where the packets last longer or shorter based on these variables:


Fall/Winter:   in many regions humidity levels have their greatest effect on instruments during these months.  Most residential heating systems drive the RH inside your home to dangerously low levels for instruments. The Humidipak packets may dispense quicker as a strong demand is put on the packets to bring levels to equilibrium and maintain the 45-50% RH inside the ClimaStand.  

Spring/Summer:  as ambient atmospheric humidity levels increase so does the lifespan of the packets which may be 4-6 months or perhaps longer. 


Desert/High Mountain Environments:  extreme low humidity conditions are prevalent at higher elevations where the air is thinner and temperatures are typically cooler and in desert climates.  These climates will result in lower humidity levels and the packet lifespan may mirror the fall/winter estimates. 

Sub-Tropical Regions:   humidity levels are elevated and warmer temperatures are normal driving up the RH.  These factors will increase the duration of the packets.

You will get the most life from the Humidipaks by constant use of the product and starting with a properly humidified instrument. 

*Remember, when playing your instrument keep the Humidipaks in the ClimaStand with the door securely fastened and secured to maximize packet life*

What other factors should I consider?

In addition to using the Humidipak System you should also:

  •  Attempt to maintain a consistent temperature in the room where your ClimaStand is located. Anywhere the range of 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. The Caliber III hygrometer featured in each ClimaStand will record the high/low temperatures for your reference.
  •  Place ClimaStands away from direct sources of heating, air conditioning, or sunlight if possible.

What if I want to cancel my order?

There are several factors to consider if you want to cancel your order after payment.  Our typical turnaround time for an order is 10-15 business days.  Often times we get cases out sooner than this and sometimes it takes longer - it's completely dependent upon our orders in backlog at the time and we process orders first come, first served for the most part.  Below are several scenarios for refunds:

  • If the case hasn't shipped at the time of cancellation, there is a 10% restocking fee
  • If the case has already shipped at the time of cancellation, there is a 15% restocking fee  and you must pay for return shipping via FedEx Ground
  • All custom orders require a 50% down payment at time of purchase and we will retain the full down payment if the order is cancelled at anytime during the process
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of our refund policy at anytime