Hermetically Sealed


All ClimaCabs feature an industry leading hermetically sealed interior, which is accomplished with a neoprene gasket and various methods to compress the gasket. This keeps the humidity controlled interior air isolated from the exterior uncontrolled air and minimizes dangerous fluctuations in relative humidity. These fluctuations are especially damaging to instruments.

Because of the hermetic seal, Acoustic Remedy humidors function in ways no other humidor is capable of and owners our systems can expect only need to refill the humidifier reservoir once every four to six months.



Acoustic Remedy provides a highly durable neoprene gasket which is mounted to a thin wood strip protruding approximately 1/4" above the surface of the wood. This height is adequate for compression and cushioning as the door(s) of the ClimaCab are shut. The gasket runs the entire perimeter of the ClimaCab and for cabinets with two doors, which is Petite+ and larger, we install a board to the backside of the left door. This board ensures the seal between the two doors, with gasket on the inside edge and the top of the board.  

Neoprene gaskets are resistant to ozone, sunlight, and oxidation. They are cellular product with a dense mass of tiny pores (or cells) that are excellent at sealing air and moisture.  They come in various grades ranging from soft to firm, which impacts the weight absorption and compression levels. The black closed-cell neoprene gasket is ASTM certified for several physical properties.  It is highly durable and can tolerate repeated decompression/compression cycles (i.e. opening and closing) with excellent rebound to its original height.  This prepares the gasket so that it can be recompressed time after time.

For Micro and Petite ClimaCabs, the compression is completed by three spring-loaded draw latches.

For Petite+ and larger ClimaCabs, the compression is achieved by neodymium magnets. These sized ClimaCabs have two doors, hinged opposite and opening similar to a set of French doors. As the doors are closed, the left door must be closed first. It seals tightly to the magnets on the face frame. Next, the right door closes and magnetically closes to the board on the backside of the left door frame as well as the face frame.  

To ensure this seal is in place, we have proprietary methods to adjust the gasket. Because all wood can and will move, this adjustability gives us the ability to move the gasket around 1/8" outward. We perform a light test at every section along the gasket. If light cannot escape the cabinet, then air will not either.

Customer Testimonials

"Acoustic Remedy is the FIRST place I head to whenever I buy a new guitar. Their humidors do a fantastic job of keeping them healthy."

John G  - Mount Vernon, New York

"The Cabinet is beautiful! The finish is pristine! Smooth like butter we are beyond Happy with it. Thank you!

Mary Jane P.  - Ottawa, Canada

Great construction! Made well!
Highly recommend if you like to play and (or) if you’re a collector alike

Andrew M.  -  Tuscon, Arizona