How Our Humidors Work

Hermetically Sealed Environment

Our humidors feature the patented Guaranteed Seal System™, which includes a highly durable neoprene gasket and a method to compress the gasket to create the airtight environment. The compression is accomplished with either spring loaded latches or high strength neodymium magnets


For all of our single instrument humidors and, in some instances, the smaller sizes of the multi-instrument ClimaCabs, the reliable and low maintenance humidification is accomplished with the world's simplest, low maintenance humidification device available in the world - the Boveda Two-Way Humidification Packets.  These packets are designed to release or absorb moisture to keep the interior at the target relative humidity (RH) value printed on the packet. Many may be familiar with the D'Addario Planet Waves Humidipaks, which was manufactured by Boveda under a licensing agreement.  Boveda (formerly Humidipak) developed the technology and for many years produced the packets exclusively for D'Addario.  Boveda went to market with their line of packets, which we feel has distinct advantages over the Humidipaks, mainly because of the three relative humidity (RH) levels they offer.

Single Instrument Humidors

Individual product dimensions: 5.25" x 3.5"

Different RH levels for different situations.  The  49% packet, which is used for most climates, is the packet we send in the starter kit.  The 49% HA (High Absorption) packet is ideal for humid climates.  Lastly, the 72% Seasoning packet that should be used if the instrument is in dire need of rapid humidification

Stop adding water to foam, hoses and sponges.  1-way humidifiers require constant attention and could damage your instrument, affect the sound and playability and lead to costly repairs.

Easy-to-use, maintenance-free humidity control

Simply place two Boveda packets into Boveda 2-packet cedar holders (included in Acoustic Remedy Humidification Starter Kit, additional sold separately). Then place the cedar holders into the humidor. close the door(s), and allow Boveda to automatically adds and/or absorbs moisture in the interior of the humidor to achieve perfect RH

Achieves and maintains a constant relative humidity (RH) range of 45% to 55%—the safe zone for wood instruments. Uses only pure water and natural salts sealed inside a leakproof membrane.

Long lasting humidity control for 2 to 6 months based on your humidor type, time of year and climate. A simple touch test will let you know when it’s time to replace Boveda—it will feel crunchy and rigid.

Recommended for most 3- or 4-season climates (High-Absorbancy Boveda is available separately fo high-humidity climates).

Multi-Instrument Humidors

On the multi-instrument humidors, we use two systems to accomplish the humidification.  As a back up or redundant source, we include (5) Boveda Two-Packet cedar holders and (10) Boveda 49% packets in addition to the plug-in, Vigilant Guardian humidifier. These packets  that are available to take over during prolonged periods where the reservoir on the Vigilant Guardian may be empty. 


Extremely reliable and accurate Vigilant Guardian powered humidifier is accurate within +/- 2% relative humidity. 

Factory calibrated to 50% RH, which targets the middle of the perfect range for instruments of 45-55% RH

Digital sensor is mounted in the center back of the ClimaCab.  The sensor is continually reading the humidity and turning the fan on/off as needed to achieve the set point

Automatic and quiet fan blows humidity from the reservoir to the upper section of the ClimaCab where the instruments are stored

Digital display of interior humidity level within ClimaCab giving you peace of mind knowing what the levels are at a glance

Easy maintenance and care requiring only a few minutes a week to keep in optimal condition

Extended periods of protection for your entire instrument collection with long times in between refills. On average, expect to refill the reservoir every 3-6 months

Two sizes of reservoirs, either 1.5 quart or 1 gallon, to provide the right size reservoir for the right size ClimaCab