How the Multi-Instrument Humidors Work

We designed the ClimaCab to be the world's preeminent multi-instrument humidor and display cabinet, allowing musicians to quickly access their instruments while keeping them properly humidified day in and day out. Our innovative humidity control system keeps humidity levels within optimal ranges for stringed instruments with ease. All instruments can be safely stored and displayed in a variety of ways, from angled to stacked sideways.

Each ClimaCab is built-to-order and is handmade by the Amish in western Wisconsin. The ClimaCab is made with exceptional attention to detail, exquisite and strong joinery, and is finished with a silky smooth triple coat of catalyzed lacquer. The thoughtful design and handmade qualities will quickly make it one of the finest pieces of furniture you will ever own.

ClimaCabs come in a variety of standard widths and heights, with modular and customizable options available.



Keep the good air in and the bad air out with a fully gasketed interior


Programmable setpoints, low maintenance, and app based controls


Hanging, resting, and combination options for a multitude of display configurations


Heirloom quality, functional furniture with extremely durable joinery and built to last generations

Hermetically Sealed Interior

All ClimaCabs feature an industry leading hermetically sealed interior. This important feature is the first step in providing a perfect climate for your instruments. We accomplish this by using a durable neoprene gasket and a compression method to pull the door frames tight to the gasket.

This keeps the interior air, which is conditioned to approximately 50% relative humidity, isolated from the air within the home, office, studio, or showroom and minimizes rapid humidity fluctuations that the instruments are experiencing. In turn, this process drastically reduces the amount of cycles required by the humidity control system and the amount of water or dessicants needed. Ultimately this results in less wear and tear on the components of the system, an average refill rate of the reservoir of once every four to six months, and consistent humidity levels year round.

We have a proprietary method to make millimeter adjustments during the gasket installation, which ensures that each ClimaCab is airtight. Prior to shipping, all ClimaCabs undergo a robust inspection process that utilizes light shown along the entire gasket/door interface. If no light escapes, then air cannot either. The result is the world's only hermetically sealed guitar cabinet.

Industry Leading Humidity Control

Our humidity control system features an app-connected smart controller mounted in the back wall, a temperature/humidity sensor, a 1-gallon reservoir, and a quiet, efficient, and powerful fan. Easy-to-use menus allow for adjustments to auto-mode and alarm settings and app-based access allows for controlling the system remotely via Wi-Fi access.

A Swiss-made humidity and temperature sensor provides information to the smart controller, which activates the fan based on the mode settings to achieve desired humidity levels. Additional modes allow for running the fan on timers, cycles, and schedules.

Typically the system is utilized to add moisture to the ClimaCab; however, driving down high humidity is simple and quick with a few minor changes to the auto-modes and swapping the water for dessicant beads in the reservoir.

From the smart controller, you can control three additional fans (upgrade option) to provide additional air circulation within the ClimaCab.

Innovative Storage and Display

Our innovative display options safely store your instruments, making the ClimaCab a wonderful display for your most prized possessions. For the hanging systems, we use hangers made by industry leading String Swing. Not only are String Swing hangers widely considered to be the best hangers in the music industry, they are also extremely versatile. By the simple twist of a thumb screw, the ceiling hangers can pivot a full 180 degrees delivering a wide array of display angles and configurations. The slat wall hangers are available in 2" or 4" straight arms or multi-angle models. Yokes for a variety of instruments (such as violins, mandolins, banjos, and more) are available, and thread into the hanger easily.

For the resting systems, we have created innovative solutions to provide a similar level of customization for how the instruments are displayed. Robust bout rails cradle the lower bout of the instrument and the neck rests are positioned at the proper height to store instruments of a variety of lengths.

For those looking for the most versatility, we offer combination hanging/resting options. All storage and display options feature easy instrument placement and removal, making for an enjoyable experience taking the instrument out, strumming it for a while, and putting it away.

Handmade By the Amish

All ClimaCabs are produced in a small Amish workshop nestled on top of the sandstone bluffs above the Mississippi River on the outskirts of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Acoustic Remedy has been designing and bringing their ideas to life with Hickory Ridge Woodworking since 2011. Often times the original designs are improved after building prototypes and collaborating with the build team. By the time products are available for sale, we have spent many hours working on the innovative and thoughtful features.  

Every facet of the ClimaCab is heirloom quality and all wood components are fashioned from scratch by the same team of four builders. All surfaces are meticulously hand sanded prior to the finishing stages, where we often stain prior to applying a triple coat of lacquer. The combination of age old construction techniques, small batch artisan attention to detail, and the finishing touches result in the finest handmade, music focused furniture available in the world.

We invite you to learn more about these features by clicking the photo and linking to additional information.  



We utilize some of the best woods on Earth and ensure sustainability is a central focus when choosing woods to source and create with. Domestic, exotic, and reclaimed hardwoods can be used to build the ClimaCab or to provide subtle accents throughout the interior or exterior.

Storage Solutions

We have options to include pull out trays, drawers, shelving, and providing customized solutions to enhance the storage possibilities in the lower section of the ClimaCab.

Safety and Security

Locking mechanisms, alarms, and safety glass enhance the security of the guitars stored within, the people utilizing the ClimaCab, and can even prevent harmful UV rays from entering the interior.

Stains and Painting

Our stain collections are vast, with over 60 stain types and custom staining available. Paint choices include choosing from our options or a custom match of popular brands


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Customer Testimonials

"With the ClimaCab, the constant filling of reservoirs to keep the room at the proper humidity level is a thing of the past. After the first fill of the Acoustic Remedy Humidity Control System, I had 4 months of humidity control before refilling again!

Patrick M.  - Vail, Colorado

"The entire system is well thought out - first seal the cabinet, then provide a simple to use humidity control mechanism, and lastly the back up source. Kudos to the team at AR for their thoughtful and elegant approach to humidity control"

Arthur L.  - Bend, Oregon

"Living in the desert southwest is one of the worst locations for guitar owners. So glad I have a consistent 45-50% relative humidity, plus my guitars are nearby and I've been playing them more....and when I do, they sound better as well."

Scott F.  -  Albuquerque, New Mexico