Our ClimaStand and ClimaCase single-instrument humidors are the perfect addition to any musician's collection, providing quick access to instruments while maintaining ideal humidity levels. Our cutting-edge humidity control system effortlessly ensures that the humidity remains within optimal ranges for stringed instruments.

Each of our single-instrument humidors is meticulously handmade by skilled Amish craftsmen in western Wisconsin, who pay close attention to detail, utilize strong joinery techniques, and finish with a triple coat of silky-smooth catalyzed lacquer. The result is a stunning and durable piece of furniture that will keep your instruments protected and displayed.

Simple to Use

Our humidors are the world's simplest to use - simply place the instrument into the String Swing hanger, close the door, and activate the latches. Once inside the humidor, the instrument is basking in perfect humidity year-round with Boveda's line of two-way humidity control packets.

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

1 - Put Instrument Into Humidor

String Swing hangers are the industry standard, and this finish-safe hanger makes placement of the instrument into the humidor quick, easy, and safe.

2 - Close the Door and Latch Shut

The spring-loaded latches are easy to open/close with one hand.

As the latches are activated, the gasket is compressed and this is critical to providing an airtight environment.

3 - Refresh Boveda Packets As Needed

On average, the Boveda packets will last approximately three to four months per set in the driest of climates. This is dependent on many factors including the instrument's starting humidity levels and how often the doors are opened/shut.

Humidity Control & Monitoring

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly monitoring and adjusting your humidity control. Boveda's innovative Two-Way Humidity Control Packets automatically add or remove moisture to maintain a stable 49% relative humidity. Monitoring is simple with a provided digital hygrometer and options to integrate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi solutions as well.

Hermetically Sealed Interior

The first step in humidity control is managing the volume of air that needs to be humidified. We accomplish this with a patented approach, making Acoustic Remedy the only company using a durable neoprene gasket and latches to create a hermetically sealed (aka air-tight) environment. The gasket runs the entire perimeter of the humidor and the stainless steel, spring-loaded latches pull the door tight to the gasket.

Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packets and Hygrometers

Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packets automatically maintain ideal humidity by releasing or absorbing moisture. Each cedar packet holder holds two packets, with one placed in each corner of the humidor. Each humidor comes with an accurate digital hygrometer, capable of +/- 2% accuracy. Options are available for Bluetooth and WiFi monitoring hygrometers, with app-based control, capable of pushing notifications, logging data, and providing graphs, charts, and tables of humidity and temperature.

Handmade by the Amish

All single-instrument humidors are produced in a small Amish workshop nestled on top of the sandstone bluffs above the Mississippi River on the outskirts of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Acoustic Remedy has been designing and bringing its ideas to life with Hickory Ridge Woodworking since 2011.  

Heirloom Quality

Amish furniture is world-renowned for its heirloom quality and our single-instrument humidors incorporate all of the same features they are famous for. Featuring exceptionally strong joinery and handcrafted attention to detail, the ClimaCase and ClimaStand are built to last generations.

Hardwood Construction

We utilize some of the best woods on Earth and ensure sustainability is a central focus when choosing woods to source and create with. Domestic, exotic, and reclaimed hardwoods can be used to build our humidors to provide interesting options sure to complement the instrument and space equally.

Domestic and Exotics

American domestic hardwoods are hard to beat and are famous for being exceptional wood species for cabinet building. Timeless classics like Walnut, Cherry, and Oak make everyday appearances in our humidors. For those looking for the next level of wood species, we offer an extensive catalog of exotic species that are truly awe-inspiring.


We'd love to hear from you! We're happy to answer all of your questions directly and pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.

Customer Testimonials

"My ClimaCase is a centerpiece in my home...actually in several rooms in my home. I have 3 total - 2 rectangles and 1 triangle - and love the interchangeable feature of the triangle by being able to switch from a wall model to a floor model with the bolt-on base.

Allyssa R.  - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"The latches/gasket system works like a charm to isolate my Martin D-45 from the dry air that is persistent almost all year round in the Rocky Mountain region. Boveda packets have worked well so far and for around $30/year I know that my guitar is sitting well at 45-50% humidity while my house is in the low teens to single digit levels.

Bradley N.  - Nederland, Colorado

"From my family to all the folks at Acoustic Remedy - thank you so much for protecting my grandpa's old Gibson J-45. We had no idea how important humidity control was until we spoke to the very knowledgeable people at AR. This has been a moment full of emotion and we are thrilled knowing that as the next custodians of Papa Joe's guitar, we made the right move."

Charlie G.  -  Albuquerque, New Mexico