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We sourced the Koa from a very unique company in Hawaii called Kamuela Hardwoods.  An important factor for us, and our client for that matter, was that the wood was sustainably harvested and that the ecology of Hawaii was not compromised by making our humidors.

We made three separate ClimaCases and one ClimaStand from this remarkable wood.  Our only regret is that we didn't order more initially, as we've been commissioned to make an effects rack and amp stand from the same wood.  So we will have the opportunity to explore some more woods from them along with sourcing additional Koa.

About Kamuela Hardwoods


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Kamuela Hardwoods is an urban timber salvage company, formed by a partnership between an arborist and a woodworker.  We take pride in reclaiming, recovering, and salvaging wood that would otherwise have been burned, chipped, or thrown in our landfills.  In doing so, we turn under appreciated materials into high quality lumber for users in the Hawaiian islands and elsewhere.

We specialize in hardwoods culled from the urban landscape such as Eucalyptus Robusta, Monkey Pod, Mango, Acacia Koa, Lehua Ohia, Eucalyptus Saligna, Lychee, Toon, Potocarpus, Silk Oak, Blue Gum, Red Gum, Australian Black Wood, Citrus Wood, Keawe and many others.  We are a minimal waste company and we utilize everything we receive.  Tree material is processed into lumber or slabs.  The slash is used as utility lumber, stickers, or garden bed/fence rails, and our saw dust/chips are turned into valuable mulch and soil amendments.  Our equipment is operated off of locally produced bio-diesel and we have a strict recycling program in place.