Stained Glass | ClimaCab & Glass Sided ClimaStand/ClimaCase

Option to add some customized stained glass to your ClimaCab or

Glass Sided ClimaStand/ClimaCase.  Since we never want to obscure the view of the guitars from the front, the glass sides are the only place the stained glass is available.

We've partnered with artisan glass makers in our hometown to support other local small businesses.  The design possibilities are endless and we will work one-on-one with you to provide you the exact look you're looking for.  Whether you supply a photo, another stained glass example you'd like to replicate, or give some general guidelines such as color, patterns, or category (i.e. floral, art deco, etc.), we can provide this exquisite touch to your guitar case, stand, or cabinet.

Custom work always requires a quote and extra time to complete the job.  We will provide you with updates as the project progresses.