Top Rail Display Option

The Top Rail display and storage option consists of an innovative hanging system from the ceiling of the ClimaCab. This option is standard for all ClimaCabs unless a different option is chosen. Featuring industry leading String Swing display case hangers, hardwood construction, and the ability for a multitude of angles to display the instruments make for a superior hanging experience.


Top Rail and Hanger Blocks

Top Rail

  • The top rail consists of two pieces of hardwood installed across the entire width of the ClimaCab ceiling

  • The interior edge is angled opposite of the hardwood blocks, using gravity and angles to secure them in the rail

  • Hardwood blocks can also slide along the rail to any position desired

  • A removable section of the rail is bolted to the ceiling at the right front providing a location for adding or removing the hanger blocks from the rail

Hanger Blocks

  • The hardwood blocks are a square with an oblique angle cut on exterior edge

  • String Swing display case hangers are securely attached through the plate with two crewss

String Swing Hangers

  • Safe for a multitude of instrument finishes, including polyurethane (poly), nitrocellulose (nitro), shellac, and French polish.

  • Ceiling hangers pivotable 180 degrees allowing for endless display configurations. Lock into any angle easily with thumb screw on back side

  • Yoke is adjustable width to accommodate a variety of headstocks from slim to wide

  • Able to swap out the standard guitar hanger for a variety of other instruments hangers, such as mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and more

ClimaCab Back

Cabinet Grade Plywood or Hardwood

  • Depending on the type of wood species, we either use cabinet grade plywood or hardwood for the back of the ClimaCab

  • Wood species such as Northern White Ash, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut have high grade plywood readily available that is indistinguishable from the hardwood used elsewhere in the ClimaCab. This plywood is preferable due to the fact that expansion and contraction of the wood from interior home humidity fluctuations is limited

  • When cabinet grade plywood is not available, which is the case with some domestic species such as Flame Maple and nearly every exotic wood species, we will implement our Tongue/Groove back. This process allows for the expansion and contraction without risk of cracking, splitting, or compromising the joinery of the cabinet. The T/G back is typically run in a vertical orientation and costs the same as slat wall, available with the ProHang display and storage option.



  • The String Swing Display Case hangers pivot 180 degrees and slide along the hardwood rail, allowing for a multitude of display configurations.
  • Hangers are removeable at the right side of the rail
  • Hanger yokes can be swapped out for different instrument hangers so if your collection contains some smaller instruments


The number of instruments capable of being stored in a given size ClimaCab are effected by the angle at which the instruments are stored and the body depth of the instrument.

Because the String Swings are moveable along the rail, sliding them close together and displaying the instruments in a sideways configuration yields maximum capacity regardless of the instrument body depth.

A 45 degree angle results in less instrument capacity, but allows for more visibility of the front of instrument.

Lastly, if seeing the entire instrument front needs to be seen, the String Swing hanger yoke can be positioned facing forwards. This configuration results in the least amount of instruments and is all about displaying the instrument in its full glory.  



The safety and security of your instruments is our number one concern and it all starts with the rock solid foundation of the hardwoods utilzed in the Top Rail display and storage option. The hardwood rail, blocks, top of the ClimaCab, and String Swings provide the proper support to bear the weight of the instruments stored.

For safety of the instrument finish, String Swing hanger has done exhaustive research on the safety of the rubber coating on their hangers for a variety of instrument finishes. You can learn more about their research by visiting this link: String Swing Statement.



The Top Rail display option is included in the base pricing for our ClimaCabs, which varies based on the wood type and the width of the ClimaCab. We offer an expansive wood catalog for options and can quote additional wood species as needed.  


Customer Testimonials

"Acoustic Remedy is the FIRST place I head to whenever I buy a new guitar. Their humidors do a fantastic job of keeping them healthy."

John G  - Mount Vernon, New York

"The Cabinet is beautiful! The finish is pristine! Smooth like butter we are beyond Happy with it. Thank you!

Mary Jane P.  - Ottawa, Canada

Great construction! Made well!
Highly recommend if you like to play and (or) if you’re a collector alike

Andrew M.  -  Tuscon, Arizona