UV Blocking/Safety Glass

1/8" laminated UV Blocking/Safety Glass eliminates 99.5% of UV rays from entering the humidor and impacting the finish on your instruments. Upgrading to this glass is recommended for safety for the instruments, wood surfaces of the humidor, and people interacting with the humidor.

UV Rays Effect on Instrument Finish

Nitrocellulose finish which is prone to cracking with excess UV ray exposure. This finish is commonly found on vintage instruments and also some newly manufactured instrument makers are utilizing this lacquer.

Lighter colored topped instruments, such as Adirondack Spruce, are prone to yellowing with excess UV ray exposure.

Safety for People, Instruments, & Humidor

The built in UV Blocking layer is a transparent material which blocks the UV rays and acts to bind the two pieces of glass to one another. One of the main safety factors is if the glass is impacted, it will not break into shards but rather crack similar to a car windshield. This protects the people, the instruments, and the humidor wood all at once.

Additional Theft Protection

As previously mentioned, the glass is difficult to actually break to the point where unrestricted access to the humidor would be possible. The "smash and grab" theft risk is eliminated when this glass is combined with locking mechanisms.

The Science of Light

To understand the options and benefits of UV protection, you must understand the science of sunlight. Radiation from the sun contains ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. These three spectrums get defined by their wavelengths and measured in nanometers. One nano-meter equals one-billionth of a meter.

Visible light runs from 400-to-800 nanometers in wavelength. Any distortion of this spectrum will diminish or alter the appearance of an instrument. Outside of that range, it's necessary to block as much solar radiation as possible to preserve your instruments.

Scientists define ultraviolet radiation as light in wavelengths of 295-to-380 nanometers. Invisible, it can be blocked completely without any detectable difference in lighting.

An advanced UV glass coating that virtually eliminates UV radiation with minimal effect on the visible light spectrum and becomes a most effective weapon against instrument finish damage. The use of UV glass, in combination with humidity and temperature controls, offers powerful protection.

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Customer Testimonials

"The glass was absolutely a no-brainer for me considering the small children in the house plus the value of the instruments in the ClimaCab. Worth every penny for that peace of mind"

Anthony A. - Mount Vernon, Illinois

"I love the fact that the glass accomplishes all it does without effecting the clarity and ability to see inside plus let the visible light out of the ClimaCab."

John H.  - Olathe, Kansas

"With an abundance of sunlight in the room, the UV glass will aid in preserving my instruments."

Jonathan P.  -  Flagstaff, Arizona