Aluminum French Cleat | Rectangle ClimaCase

The aluminum french cleat is an alternative method to hang a rectangle ClimaCase on the wall.  This method incorporates a low profile, high strength "Z" style cleat system constructed of 3mm thick aluminum and capable of supporting up to 200lbs.  The cleat works as a pair, with one secured to the wall and the other to the backside of the case, and the rectangle ClimaCase utilizes one pairs.

Sleek and Invisible

Hanging hardware is completely invisible after installation, creating a clean look.  The cleat is cut to be recessed in from the edges, while providing enough width for strength.  The cleat is mounted across the top, and the bottom of the case has two small clear bumper pads which provide the same spacing from the wall as the cleat.  This prevents the case from pivoting towards the wall.

Easy to Install and Remove

We provide screws for the wall cleat and pre-install the case cleat.  Installation requires securing the wall cleat at the proper height, ensuring it's level, and screwing through the pre-drilled holes into a stud.  Once the wall cleat is properly secured, the case is lifted above the wall cleat and carefully slid down to ensure the interlock is engaged.  Additionally, this design facilitates easy removal from the wall by lifting the case off the cleat.