ClimaCab Grand | Staining Options

Our finisher, a different Amish craftsman than our Amish builder, uses the Woodwright product line of stains.  This product line features a wide variety of color options. Custom color matches are always available if you need to match an existing stain color. 

Regardless if you are choosing from the catalog or need a custom color, the finished results are always beautiful. Woodwright stains are made with only high quality ingredients including automotive-grade pigments and exotic color-fast dyes.

Our entire line of finishing products has been time tested in its durability, high build, beautiful luster, heat and humidity resistance and protection from harmful elements that can mar the appearance of your furniture over time.

Color Consistency Warning


All computer monitors and mobile devices show color differently.  Also note that color will be influenced by the grain and species of the wood.

We strongly suggest you obtain a real wood sample for color accuracy.  By reqeust, we will ship you 3" x 5" wood samples with the exact stain applied that you are interested in.  We do not stock all samples on all wood species we offer, so there may be a slight delay while it's prepared and shipped.


Please visit the Woodwright website for a full product catalog.  Their website shows several wood types with different stains applied and should give you a general idea of how it will look on your ClimaCab; however, the reality is that it looks much better in real world situations!

The price shown is for any of the standard stain options.  Additional costs will be incurred for color matching and any custom blended stains.  If you want our finisher to color match, we ask you either submit a hi-resolution photo or a physical sample of what you'd like to match.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions via


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